Sun Resorts sets the tone for an unforgettable experience

With its tropical splendour, its beautiful beaches caressed by the gentle waves of the lagoon and its always-present sun, the Sun Resorts group has, since the 1st of October, reopened the doors of its resorts to vaccinated travellers.

Sugar Beach Luxury Indian Ocean banner (1)

Sun Resorts promises its guests a journey of unparalleled luxury, with assets worthy of a cosy nest, accompanied by tasty world-class dining options

Everything is set to pamper travellers in a cocoon so as to forget the doldrums of confinement and rediscover the joys of living. The group offers unparalleled comfort in a healthy environment, as well as authentic service, which is the flagship of its great traditions. All this, in the typical enchanting setting of the hotel establishment.

“At Sun Resorts, we are committed to providing a safe, high-end hotel experience in all of our resorts with the same smile and the same hospitality that has always made our reputation,” says the CEO of Sun Resorts, François Eynaud.

Health protocols adapted to the new requirements, brought by Covid-19, have been put in place, through staff trained to welcome residents, while adopting social distancing. An improved programme has also been implemented for optimal disinfection and hygiene in all public spaces and hotel rooms.

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With its never-ending hospitality, Sun Resorts offers the guarantee of an unforgettable hotel experience.