Takamaka Boutique Winery: An amazing culinary adventure

On Thursday 7th of March, happy guests had a marvellous gourmet date at Takamaka Boutique Winery… a delightful tasting experience which stands out by gracefully merging French and Asian cuisine. This explosion of flavours was designed by two French Chefs: Thierry Drapeau, 2 Michelin-starred Chef operating on the prestigious historical site of the Chabotterie in Vendée, and Didier Corlou, who owns 5 restaurants in Hanoi in Vietnam.

A Franco-Vietnamese fusion

The first edition of the innovative Star Chef concept, designed by Four Seasons Resorts Mauritius at Anahita, has met a dashing success. A Franco-Vietnamese lunch was one of the cornerstones of the culinary adventure. Both Chefs worked hand in hand and concocted succulent new flavours, offering a scrumptious journey to the taste buds of the finest gourmets. Fond of aromatic herbs, Thierry Drapeau devised the canapés and the main course, with an authentic reminder of home products to his cuisine. On the other hand, Didier Corlou designed the starter and dessert, bringing an exotic touch to this high-class menu.

Flavours with a pinch of originality

Guests enjoyed beef cheeks sweetened in red wine and a mixture of carrots stewed with orange and cumin. The Tanara, a harmonious white dry lychee wine aged in oak barrels, combined divinely with this aperitif with its tart notes.

The starter featured the Pho and foie gras made by Didier Corlou. This highlighted the exquisite Franco-Vietnamese fusion of this experience. Accompanied by the white off-dry lychee wine Aquarel, the delicate aromas of tropical fruits perfected this amazing blend.

The main course was composed of a delicious braised pork head, along with potato muslin, tamarind and grilled foie gras. The Aperichy, a supple off-dry rosé lychee wine was delicately paired with tasteful meal.

Finally, a chocolate lava cake derived from a “recipe by grandma with scraped cannella cassia”, served with Tribute wine – a bold lychee win – highlighted the elegance of the meal.  The flavours of raisins, prunes and nuts of this wine sublimated with wonder the intensity of the chocolate cake… for the greater enjoyment of the finest gourmets.

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