When Constance Prince Maurice promotes biodiversity

A leaflet to educate and sensitize the public to the environmental cause; that is the new target the Constance Prince Maurice set for itself, one year after Miss World Rosanna Davison’s visit to the Constance Prince Maurice to promote the environmental cause. Its pet subject? The Eastern region’s rich coastal biodiversity. This leaflet, as a tool to disseminate knowledge, has been created in collaboration with the Reef Conservation association, and will be made available to the hotel’s clients for free.

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Strong assets to be protected

Des forêts de mangrove indigènes à nos côtes aux barachois qui entourent le Constance Prince Maurice, la faune et la flore qui constituent notre riche biodiversité tropicale méritent d’être admirées et protégées. C’est une contribution d’autant plus importante que cette vie marine s’ajoute à notre riche patrimoine naturel, attrait principal de l’activité touristique sur notre île et dont le maintien est donc prioritaire. C’est ainsi que les responsables de l’hôtel ont créé le “répertoire côtier de Constance Prince Maurice” pour inciter les clients à découvrir cet environnement naturel luxuriant.

Sensitize and educate, all generations included

This project benefited the help of hotel General Manager Christophe Plantier, as well as that of the hotel staff as a whole, and that of NGO Reef Conservation. The goal? Sensitize adults to the conservation of the environment, while educating the young generation to adopt a more respectful attitude towards the former. This document has therefore been carefully thought over to be attractive to children- as being playful and full of illustrations- as well as to adults, since it is informative, with advice as regards to good reflexes to have in order to better help the environment.  

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A group which champions the environmental cause

It may have earned its much longed for Green Globe certification, but the Constance group does not rest on its laurels. If, as early as 2013, it adopted a green strategy to obtain this certification, it has, ever since, evolved  to become a key operational criterium. This is why the Constance Prince Maurice has operated certain changes in order to reduce its carbon footprint, having reached “a conformity score of 89% when it came to the Green Globe certification” in 2016, explains the project’s instigator Stephan Lagesse, who is currently in office at the Constance Ephelia in Seychelles.