World Clean Up Day in Mauritius and around the world

World Clean Up Day 2018 has aimed at revamping a polluted Earth which is over-consuming and wasting its resources… and at encouraging recycling and even upcycling. On 15th of September last, a whole World population has collectively held hands, conscious that Humans are responsible of so much damage. In Mauritius and around the world, companies, governments, citizens and NGOs have participated in the event. Luxury Mauritius was among them, at Cap Malheureux. Here is an overview of what happened!

One of the Mauritian initiatives, Endémika

Several initiatives have been led in Mauritius, among which Endémika’s. Being committed to a greener Mauritius, the nursery, specialised in endemic and exotic plants, has chosen Daruty Forest on the 15th of September. In a thrust to further preserve the environment, the Rouillard Frères group, Endémika’s owner, has gathered more than 50 of its employees around a collective good deed. 

Launch of World Clean Up Day by Endemika luxury mauritius
Launch of World Clean Up Day by Endémika

This event has been made possible thanks to the District Council of Rivière du Rempart which has offered, under the leadership of its President Ellayah and officer Langur, trash bags, gloves, bottles, and has lent two trucks.  

In order to imply the younger generations, other participants have helped such as “The Rising Stars” association and famous local figures like Laetitia Darche Sauzier, ex Miss Mauritius, and the “Mauritius Explored” team.

Laetitia Darche Sauzier ex-Miss Mauritius, on Endemika's World Clean Up Day luxury mauritius
Laetitia Darche Sauzier ex-Miss Mauritius, on Endemika’s World Clean Up Day

«Over and above the protection of the environment, I would like to live on a planet which does not need to be protected anymore. Each one of us can make a difference,” explains Laetitia Darche Sauzier who has participated in both the Endémika Clean Up Day and the Cap Malheureux one.

Around the world 

Several events have been held around the world and it seems that revamping Mother Nature is a must in 158 countries and for around 15 million participants. From Ethiopia to French Polynesia, through continents and island-nations, no matter the weather, the 15th of September has been witness to the grand gathering of Nature lovers in urban and rural areas alike, without forgetting forests. 

Infographic - Preliminary results 20.09

Owing to 6 active cyclones and an unstable political situation, more than ten countries had to reprogram their Clean Up Day to ensure security. The Dominican Republic, the Philippines and Guatemala have therefore held their event on the 22nd of September, while Macau has chosen the 23rd and Palestine the 26th of September respectively. Other countries like Hong Kong and Sierra Leone will launch their Clean Up Day in October.

Find more about what happened around the world in this video: