[Interview] Luxury Estates Mauritius, the new luxury real estate label

Five of Mauritius’ flagship real estate projects, which share the same DNA and values, have joined forces under the Luxury Estates Mauritius label. They include Anahita Mauritius, Azuri Ocean & Golf Village, La Balise Marina, Mont Choisy Golf & Beach Estate and Heritage Villas Valriche. We met the collective’s leaders to find out more.

Anahita Luxury Mauritius 1 Anahita Mauritius- Luxury Estates Mauritius

Why have you brought together these projects in particular?

Jyoti Jeetun: Luxury Estates Mauritius is a high-end label. Our projects differ from other Mauritian developments thanks to our responsible, ethical approach. We share a history and a common set of values, as well as an upmarket positioning, the same understanding of the Mauritian lifestyle, and the fact that we are promoting large-scale, integrated projects. Our estates all benefit from exceptional assets, such as golf courses or marinas, which give them a unique character. Finally, each of our products boasts a superb natural setting that has a story to tell and has played a major part in Mauritius’ history.

Dominic Dupont: Our various projects amount to much more than a classic real estate offer. Because of the way IRS are structured, the projects have allowed whole areas to be developed in a planned and integrated manner. The promoters behind all five projects are part of large business groups with significant land assets. They are therefore eager to protect their reputations, in particular by adhering to the highest European standards.

Mont Choisy Luxury Mauritius 1 Mont Choisy Golf & Beach Estate – Luxury Estates Mauritius

What does Luxury Estates Mauritius intend to achieve?

Christine Marot: First of all, we wanted to create a platform to set out the benefits of investing in Mauritius, the better to reassure investors. A large number of promoters haven’t lived up to their promises, and have therefore tarnished the island’s reputation… In contrast to those projects, the Luxury Estates Mauritius label allows us to highlight the quality, reliability and sustainability of our developments and the various other services that we provide.

Patrice Legris: In other words, we want to redeem Mauritius’ reputation and promote it worldwide as the land of opportunity that it is. Our common branding also allows us to coordinate our communication efforts and promote Mauritius as a destination in markets where it isn’t as well known, such as in the Benelux countries.

Jyoti Jeetun : The label’s aim is to distinguish us from other projects on the island. We have the same long-term vision when it comes to development: we are not just here for the short term. We also offer our clients an entire lifestyle, from real estate to a wide range of leisure activities, restaurants and even office spaces. We are talking about inclusive and integrated models that are designed for sustainability and that meet responsible development standards.

Azuri Luxury Mauritius 1 Azuri Ocean & Golf Village- Luxury Estates Mauritius

How will this label help you stand out on the international real estate market?

Patrice Legris : It allows us to speak with one voice, to send a single, coherent message, and to position ourselves as the standard-setters in the Indian Ocean. Potential investors need to know that the label’s estates are backed by shareholders from the country’s largest business groups, who intend to safeguard their reputation by offering high-quality real estate products alongside premium services.

Jyoti Jeetun : We are all driven by the same desire to develop our businesses sustainably and inclusively. It was important to us to create this label in order to reassure potential clients and demonstrate our professionalism and integrity. We offer a comprehensive set of property development and management services, and give our clients peace of mind by working with them every step of the way.

What makes the Mauritian market attractive?

Dominic Dupont : In addition to its exceptional living environment and fascinating culture, Mauritius is a well-regulated country with attractive opportunities and fiscal arrangements. Its economy is dynamic, it is politically stable and it has historically had close ties with France, the United Kingdom and South Africa. English and French are widely spoken and the country benefits from a strategic location at the crossroads between Asia, Europe and Africa. The country also offers investors advantages such as an attractive business environment, a favourable tax system and international standards of ethics and governance.

La Balise Marina Luxury Mauritius 1 La Balise Marina – Luxury Estates Mauritius

How do you think Mauritius’ luxury real estate market will evolve in the future?

Patrice Legris : The market will gradually tighten and only the soundest projects will remain the long term. There is also a trend towards increasingly integrated, eco-friendly buildings. The definition of luxury has evolved, and bling is no longer in! Finally, I think we will need to offer a variety of new activities to make  an impression and a difference.

Christine Marot : We’ve joined forces under the Luxury Estates Mauritius label because of a desire to level the real estate market up. Construction standards are becoming stricter, while changes to the legal framework are leading to a more clearly defined market. In the future, the challenge will be to position Mauritius as an appealing “lifestyle” and “investment” destination – in particular by providing quality rental management services and attractive rental returns.