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It is with great pleasure that we are hereby sharing with you the 7th issue of our Luxury magazine dedicated to the Indian Ocean, land of experiences and dynamism.

For this new issue, the magazine has been revamped and has become Luxury Indian Ocean. Mauritius, Reunion Island, Madagascar, The Seychelles, The Maldives… We invite you on a new trip across these islands. Over and above their usual paradise-like image, they are showing new perspectives to the world: dynamic companies, committed stakeholders and places with a pleasant lifestyle…

Immerse yourself into these lands of experiences and dynamism as you go through our pages.

We wish you a nice and pleasant reading session. 

Luxury Indian Ocean Magazine

Launched with the prime objective of regrouping luxury products and services as well as prominent players with regards to the development of our country, Luxury Indian Ocean is a high-end bilingual publication geared towards promoting Indian Ocean’s islands as a prime luxury touristic destinations offering an idyllic lifestyle, an exclusive location with a vibrant heritage where cultural and historical diversity mingle with other, a booming business hub and investment platform.

Our editorial team is enthusiastically getting ready to design exciting editions in line with our premium readers’ expectations to enhance brand awareness.

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