Annika Kinch tells her story of Mauritius in e-version : Passion… Friendship… Patriotism…

The storyline of Annika Kinch’s experience which led to this book is in itself as fascinating as the novel she is now presenting in e-version. Written in Swedish, And the rainbow touched Mauritius was translated in English by Swedish Michael Meigs and from English to French by Mauritian Robert Furlong, has now a digital version in 3 languages. The narrative bears, for the first time, pictures from Mauritian and international artists. A “feel-good novel“, as Annika Kinch has confided in Luxury Mauritius, and which opens a new path, different from usual idealistic portrayal of insular Mauritian exoticism. It will bring a pinch of history to your reading and pictures from paradise-like Mauritius, with a realistic touch.

Photo de Nilesh Boodhun Luxury Mauritius Annika Kinch 1 Photo from Nilesh Boodhun

A women’s story

A novel on female expectations, society’s judgement on women, decades going by in a lifetime… but also the story of a peculiar friendship between three woman from here and there: Laura from Mahébourg; Marla, born in the poor vicinity of sugarcane fields, and Francesca, rich, fearless and former drug inspector whose last mission was to chase Pablo Escobar. While Marla’s philosophy (that life can be better with little attentions) brightens their everyday life, their friendship carries a cry of hope in a world which is tough towards women.

Photo de Ly Hoang Long Luxury Mauritius 1 Annika Kinch Photo by Ly Hoang Long

Annika Kinch’s story

This novel will unveil a rich and abundant set of historical references. Swedish-born,  Annika Kinch fell in love with Mauritius in 1993. She has carried her investigation in libraries and in the inhabitants’ memories, as she did when she spent a few days in Le Morne village. Her grandmother used to say that it is regretful that when adults talk, children are not in the room to listen. Annika Kinch has well learnt the lesson and has wished to fight back the erosion of collective inheritance and she keeps the readership alert with a historical background. However, far from being lenient and over-understanding, her style is sometimes ironical towards heightened patriotism, which can even lead to ridiculous situations – like one of the characters, Gaëtan, who loves so much his island that his utmost wish would be to have a sugarcane field in is backyard.

Photo de Ly Hoang Long Luxury Mauritius 4 Annika Kinch Photo by Ly Hoang Long

Annika Kinch’s story

For the novelist, the inspiration discovered during her successive holidays in Mauritius gave way to a writing process in Sweden in 2011 and coincided with the confirmation of her desire to settle down in Mauritius and to take to writing. Karma? She won a essay-writing competition back in school. Her novel became reality and it now has a an electronic version to touch a wider readership. The pictures, which did not form part of the paper original version, have found their place at the heart of the novel – as the cover picture of moonlit Le Morne. It is from Bernard Li Kwong Ken and underlines the narrative thread which is this mountain in the novel. The other pictures are from Ly Hoang Long, Gérard Péka, Nilesh Boodhun and Annika Kinch herself.

Cover Annika Kinch Luxury Mauritius Photo by Bernard Li Kwong Ken

The paper version is available in bookshops and are offered by LUX* Belle Mare to its privileged clients.  As for the electronic version, it is available on