Brett Gregory-Peake confides in Luxury Mauritius about his vision for Mauritius

Brett Gregory-Peake, Managing Partner, Liaison Consulting and Liaison Private Office, has been witness to both the opportunities and the challenges presented by the island and has created in Liaison, a business that today deals with clients on a global scale, demonstrating that in the digital age, distance and isolation are no barrier to experience and capability. Having been on the island for just under two years, Gregory-Peake has designed a business that fits with demand for Mauritius and with his experience as a strategic advisor. He is, therefore, busy managing the interests of brands in the real estate, travel and leisure sectors, and via the private office, undertaking the provision of lifestyle, corporate and investment services to a handful of HNW clients and their families in Mauritius.

Brett Gregory-Peake has shared his thoughts with Luxury Mauritius and we invite you to discover his aim of liaising Mauritius with the rest of the world!

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In a few words, how would you introduce Liaison to the Luxury Mauritius community?

Liaison is simply a platform for us to share our experience and knowledge to those who seek high standards and service excellence. Our private office exists to ensure that those visiting Mauritius leave with the best intentions of returning and spend their time on the island benefiting from its many virtues and opportunities, which are often difficult to see from afar. During my career, I have been lucky enough to work on some of the world’s finest projects and we are keen to bring our knowledge and skill sets to Mauritius and the wider region. With an office also in London, our presence here helps the business to tackle a whole new territory. There is still much to do in Mauritius and we are excited about helping the island to fulfill its true potential, whilst collaborating to protect its integrity.

What were the main thrusts in choosing Mauritius, with your partners, to set your company up?

The location had been assessed for some time. In fact, the first time that I visited was ten years ago, when I found a Mauritius that I had not expected; an island of great substance and scale, a thriving economy and a cultural diversity that is little known to the outside world.  We have significant experience in place making and destination promotion, a role that we have undertaken on behalf of countries including Morocco, Iceland and Montenegro, whereby we created campaigns to educate and inform, for the specific purpose of increasing tourism and incoming investment. We are at home in the role of helping to educate and introduce, which is also why we chose the name Liaison. Mauritius has many virtues and there are plenty of valid reasons why you might choose the island as a destination in which to live, retire, invest and do business; it’s not a hard sell. Its stability, safety, good governance and transparency, accessibility and climate, complement its residency program and attractive fiscality. In my view we have arrived during the infancy of the island’s growth trajectory; there is still much to be achieved and we are excited to be part of that.

Can you specify the added value that you are bringing locally?

Where our consulting business is concerned, we are excited about the domestic talent on the island, and skill sets that we can utilise and export abroad. In fact, it is our mission to mentor and nurture this talent and create in Mauritius a platform for idea creation and sharing. We have already started working with freelance talent on the island, creating a luxury brand campaign that has already gone global. We worked on some of the world’s most inspiring and successful developments, in Mauritius and overseas, so we are also keen to share our knowledge and connectivity to help drive positive change and decision making, in pursuit of helping Mauritius to become the best version of itself. One of our greatest assets as a company and a team, lies in our relationships with global brands, with business leaders, influencers and UHNW’s; we want to inspire this audience to share our vision of the island and see its true potential. Separately, our private office is undertaking significant efforts to create a series of compelling experiences that can be used to showcase Mauritius to a whole new audience of future travellers and consumers, which has brought us into collaboration with local entrepreneurs and impassioned business owners, who share our enthusiasm.

Can you give us some examples of the luxury services proposed by Liaison which go, as you put it on your website, “beyond anything available on the island before”?

Luxury travel is not just about where you put your head, it is about what you do with your time, what you endeavor to see and, what you can afford to see. We believe that the island has huge unrealised potential and we are poised to bring some unforgettable experiences to our clients that will present Mauritius in a whole new light. To find out more, you’ll have to become a client.

Brett Gregory-Peake Liaison Luxury Mauritius

Le mot de la fin?

Lest we forget, Mauritius is Africa and this for me puts Mauritius in a hugely advantageous and opportunistic position. There is boundless talk of the island becoming the Singapore of Africa and everyone has their opinion on that. Whether you believe it or not, the island is going places and we are delighted to be on board.

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