CIDP: “A country with a poor research sector is a country with no future”

Jean-Louis Roule is the CEO of the Centre international de développement pharmaceutique (CIDP), an international group and pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic research and development. He came to Mauritius in 2001 and firmly believes in the potential of Mauritius to become the first scientific research hub in the Indian Ocean.

The career path of Jean-Louis Roule is one of a passionate and visionary man. After studying business, he joined the pharmaceutical industry where he specialised in dermatology before taking an interest in cardiology and diabetes. In 2001,he decided to settle in Mauritius where he got involved in photobiology – the scientific study of the effects of sunlight on humans. Protection factors act differently depending on geographical position, ethnicity and season. Mauritius was,therefore, the ideal place to start this project.

Today, Jean-Louis Roule is the head of one of the most important CRO (Contract Research Organisation) of the Indian Ocean. In addition to its headquarters in Mauritius and evidence of the group’s solidity, the CIDP group has branches on 4 continents:Romania, India, Brazil, Singapore and upcoming projects in the United States.

He focuses on 5 main areas of activity. The Research & Innovation department, created in 2009 together with Professor Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, the current President of the Republic, explores and values the assets found in the Indian Ocean’s biodiversity.The CIDP offers and develops, via its preclinical activity, efficiency and safety in vitro tests for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The group is also involved in clinical research and activities such as regulatory affairs and data processing.

We must also thank Jean-Louis Roule together with the chairman of the Socota group, Salim Ismail, for the creation of BioPark Mauritius. This technopole, resembling BioPolis in Singapore or Sophia Antipolis in France, regroups under the same roof, groundbreaking research organisations in the field of biotechnologies and scientific development. The aim of the BioPark is to attract and combine competencies in order to generate an economic impact with strategic investments in research, technologies and innovation.

Jean-Louis Roule has quite a vision; he wants to propel his new homeland to the centre of biotechnologies and scientific development and make Mauritius an island where knowledge is shared and where intelligence is the foundation of future economic pillars. But as he says: “A country with a poor research sector is a country with no future”.

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