Delphine Bouic tells us more about the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard

With the upcoming Marché de Noël Solidaire 2017, find more on the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard with our interview of Delphine Bouic. She has kindly accepted to answer the questions of Luxury Mauritius, thus sheding light on the Foundation, the initiator of this amazing project.

The CIEL Group Limited in a few words

The CIEL Group Limited is one of the main Mauritian investment groups operating on 5 business areas: agro industry, textile, tourism, health and finance. Nowadays, the Group is located in 10 countries, in Africa and Asia, and has a turnover of more than 20 billion of rupees. In the context of its sustainable political development, the CIEL Group launched, 13 years ago, the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard which manages community development projects in Mauritius and monitors the CSR projects (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the different companies of the group.

The role of the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard in Mauritius

The Fondation develops long-term partnerships with local NGOs and participates in many missions, namely two projects in partnership Caritas île Maurice that aim at fighting poverty: a secondary school for the hard of hearing with the Society for the Welfare of the Deaf and a network of non-formal education named ANFEN (Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network). The Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard also works regularly with other NGOs needing support and advice. The Foundation is partly financed by the CSR tax, since 2009, but also by voluntary contributions from the companies of the group. Today, the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard has already invested more than Rs 80 million in its projects, with a positive impact on more than 10,000 people. platform is a platform which has been managed the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard for 10 years and it is made of a hundred local ONGs. It encourages their professionalization as well as citizen involvement. This platform puts forward the work of the NGOs and has organised the Marché de Noël Solidaire every year over the last 7 years. Locally-crafted products crafted are presented by the members of the NGOs in the context of therapeutic workshops.

The aim of the Fondation CIEL Nouveau Regard through the Marché de Noël Solidaire

It is a way to create an event through the platform and to gather the NGOs around a common project that showcases their skills. This creates a visibility for them, which is one of the main objectives of the platform

“We wanted to create a real Christmas Market, like in Europe, that stands out by its unique and hand-made products”.

Delphine Bouic invites all the readers of Luxury Mauritius to meet the local craftsmen on Thursday 30th of November at the Caudan Waterfront and Friday 8th of December at the Phoenix Mall.