[Interview] Edenrock Property Developments: for tailor-made real estate treasures

“We want to offer our customers properties tailored to their needs and preferences.”

Blossoming on the Mauritian and international market thanks to its expertise in real estate development, Edenrock Property Developments is a company which believes that the recipe for success lies in the smile of a customer who’s moving into his or her new home. In an exclusive interview, Julie de Rosnay Sales and Marketing Executive tells us about Edenrock and its projects, as well as sharing with us her personal favourite of the moment.

Can you explain to our readers what Edenrock is all about?

As its name suggests, Edenrock Property Developments is a Mauritian company specialised in real estate development. Settled in Tamarin, our small team is dynamic, motivated and friendly. (At least, we like to think so!)

We develop off-plan projects and put them on sale on the local and international market. Our motto is to offer our clients a tailor-made service by accompanying them through each stage of their acquisition, starting from the choice of the property, the administrative management, amendments and adjustments to the plans, the development of the property according to their tastes and needs, as well as the follow-up during construction, until the delivery of the property, without forgetting post-delivery snagging. 

Furthermore, by virtue of the in-house architect we have on our team, we are more capable of informing and advising our customers, as well as quickly revising their architectural plans if necessary. We want to offer our customers properties tailored to their needs and preferences.

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What are the assets of your projects?

The advantages related to a real estate project shall match the customer’s expectations accordingly. Although we have a wide portfolio of projects, including RES and soon a PDS, our offers are in line with our customers’ desires and budgets. 

When a person is looking for a main residence, he or she can consider our “high-end” offers. These real estate gems include a favourable geographical location, which is as we call it a “prime location”: either nestled in one of the island’s exceptional seaside resorts (Tamarin, Rivière Noire or Grand Baie); or in a pleasant residential area, close to the beach or to essential amenities, contributing to a comfortable and happy life. 

For customers who, on the other hand, are looking for a property investment with high rental yields, we would suggest a commercial space or an apartment, which of course respects their budget.

In any case, our team is on the lookout so as to carefully choose what best fits the client’s lifestyle and budget, regardless of whether they are looking for a beachfront property or a home in a residential area. 


Luxury Mauritius Edenrock Interview
Your favourite project?

Without any doubt: Lorlamer in Rivière Noire… I fell in love with this project, and I’m not the only one! Lorlamer has won two awards at the International Property Awards for the year 2019/2020.

Edenrock LORLAMER Luxury Mauritius

An exceptional beachfront residential complex, respectful of the environment… Lorlamer is freehold, and therefore accessible to foreigners. Also, the site is beautiful! In addition to the splendid views, the apartments are set back and overlook a large garden which leads directly to the beach… The most beautiful in the area, in my opinion!