[Interview]: Meet Djuneid Dulloo, a world artist from Mauritius

Luxury Mauritius is delighted to have met Djuneid Dulloo… an artist of Mauritian roots who grew up around the world and currently based in Berlin,  Germany. From August 2nd to 16th, he is the resident artist at Long Beach Mauritius in collaboration with The Third Dot

Before discovering him at the grand launch of his exhibition on the 16th of August on the Bombaro Terrace at the Long Beach, let’s hear his inside stories. So Djun, who are u?Djuneid Dulloo Long Beach luxury mauritius 6

Mauritius, Kenya, the USA and Germany…

A collection of experiences and visions, all is relative, and whether on sky scraper suites or in the slums, the basic human currency is authentic connection. I have lived more years abroad now than I spent growing up on the island, but I do come back regularly and the roots are still grounded.

Djuneid Dulloo is…

Driven by the duende.

Djuneid Dulloo Long Beach luxury mauritius 1
Your art…

A silent language that can scream / multiple languages. What is created through me relies a lot on the site and context, both cultural and aesthetic. I don’t believe in creating and sticking to 1 formula or ´style´: obviously that would be more commercially receptive, but collectors appreciate the diversity and periods in my work. Painting is a language like any other, if one grows up speaking 3 or more languages, then in painting I feel free to do the same. My approach is often one of creolizing canons of western art, which remains the dominant force- although every work I produce is original in nature I do employ the use of sampling and remixing.

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The Third Dot…

Excited to be represented by them. I like how open minded they are and are ready to try new things to energize the local art scene. They have a lot of exciting projects coming up. Stay tuned!

Long Beach A Sun Resort….

Hard to work in a place made for complete relaxation! Amazing staff, food, and wild beaches. I usually work in a decked-out studio as I work with a wide range of materials. The challenge has been not to have my studio with me, and also creating in public view. However, it´s been a good experience to get out of my comfort zone. The works produced at this residency therefore have a more spontaneous and raw feel to them- to produce more than 10 fairly large paintings in less than 2 weeks is a sort of challenge I put to myself. Ideally, the paintings sit in my studio and live there for a while until I know what the next step and intervention is. In this residency context, the tables are turned and I have had to paint more with my guts. It is what it is!

Creating on the East coast…

Can i say that they should put lights on the roads leading from the center of the island to Belle Mare? Such reckless lack of security. Otherwise it’s great to experience a different side of the island.

Your inspiration is…

Art history, contemporary art, relationships, process of life, alchemy. Artists like de Kooning, Adebayo Bolaji,  Cecily Brown, Adrian Ghenie, Peter Doig. The list is long.

What’s next…

Back to Berlin to hug my baby girl Isla, participating in a group show ´30 Contemporary Artists´ curated by the Enter Art Foundation in Germany, group show with The Third Dot at Dock 13 in Port Louis. Focussing more on writing.


Thank you Djun for sparing some of your precious time… Luxury Mauritius wishes you all the best here, there and beyond!




2018             Executive Suite, Long Beach Mauritius, Belle Mare, Mauritius.

2018 Djuneid Dulloo: Revenant. Charisschwarz, Berlin, Germany.
2015 Inscapes. Friedrichstrasse 123, Berlin, Germany.
2014 X. Lipopette, Berlin, Germany.
2011 Dulloo+Grimaldi. Zugabe!, Berlin, Germany.
2007 De L’Amour et de la Mort. IBL Gallery, Port-Louis, Mauritius.


2018              (upcoming) The Third Dot, Port Louis, Mauritius

2018              (upcoming) 30 Contemporary Artists, EAF, Berlin,  Germany

2017 Current Mauritian Photography, The Third Dot/Roche Bobois, Mauritius.
2016 Holy Whores. Big Head Studio. Berlin, Germany.
2015 From one citizen you gather an idea. National Pavilion of Mauritius, 56th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.
2013 Daddy you can’t make a cactus, it’s been done before. Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany.

All the pretty girls. The Cellar Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2012 Die Neue Form. ID Studios, Berlin, Germany.
Kaum III, Raum 18, Berlin, Germany
This info is not available in your country. Kaleidoskop, Berlin, Germany.
Peer to peer. Tete, Berlin, Germany.
2011 Drawing Connections. Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy.
2008 New works from the Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.
2007 The Awakening. Galeria Espelde Mardaras, Bilbao, Spain.
2005 Before the rain.  Galeria Esther Monturiol, Barcelona, Spain.

Favela Chic. Chapelle des Beaux Arts, ENSBA, Paris, France.

For the show opening, please RSVP Djuneid Dulloo: contact@nulldjuneiddullo.com


Djuneid Dulloo Long Beach luxury mauritius 4


For more information : 

Instagram: @djuneiddulloo