Murray Adair : “I am very attached to this country – it is progressing and the best is yet to come!”

After twenty years of successful property development in Europe, Asia and South America, Murray Adair, a handsome English architect, has settled in Mauritius and runs the Indian Ocean Real Estate Company (IOREC). Married and father of two children, he speaks of Mauritius with sincere enthusiasm.

As a real estate professional, tell us about the Mauritian market and the challenges it will face in the future.
Like everywhere else, there is a good and a less good side to it. But Mauritius is going in the right direction: the infrastructure and the quality of buildings have greatly improved. Some people talk of a property bubble but I don’t see any signs of one here . In the years to come, I think the greatest challenge will be to increase the density of housing in Mauritius without harming the environment. I believe we need to build upwards. That’s the future for Mauritius which has to follow the example of Singapore.

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