Amouage, a love story inspired by travelling

Amouage is first and foremost an olfactory inspiration of its CEO, David Crickmore. Passionate about the world of high-end perfumes, and endorsed by his creative director Christopher Chong, Amouage was born 33 years ago in the Sultanate of Oman. A unique and exhilarating blend of fragrances… At Salon de Parfums boutique at the InterContinental Resort in Balaclava, enthralling perfumes and sumptuous flasks take us to a silky road, uncovering its best kept secrets.

Salon de Parfums Luxuty Indian Ocean 1
State-of-the-art creations inscribed as a heritage of perfumery

Amouage proudly writes its name in the furrow of luxury perfumery thanks to its best-sellers for men and women. Here, there is no ‘trendy’ fragrances, just the timelessness of floral scents evoking sunrise on the far reaches of Asia, the land of reverie, and the sweet mist of the warm desert crossings.

Epic For Man inebriates us with a woody oriental flavour which blends suspended and timeless scents, reminding us of yesteryear’s caravan of traders which embalmed the surroundings with spicy notes of leather, incense and myrrh.

Honor For Woman carries us away, to a land where the sun rises, in a century where mistresses skillfully distilled their charms at the mercy of refined gestures, recalling the fascinating yet tragic destiny of Madame Butterfly …

Salon de Parfums Luxuty Indian Ocean 2
Gold Man and Gold Woman: First love story

In 1983, Gold Man and Gold Woman were conceived, fruits of Amouage’s love for oriental scents. The harmonious mix of sensuality and mystery gracefully lifts up a veil which rises with an unfeigned insolence, or evokes a shoulder stripped to the favours of the sun…

Gold Man distils a woody fragrance where roses, lilies of the valley and gray incense intertwine. The hearty aromas combine myrrh, orris and fresh jasmine notes, leaving a heady veil of ambergris, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and oak moss on its way.

Gold Woman, its feminine counterpart, fascinates by its oriental and floral fragrances where roses, lilies of the valley and incense intertwine. Myrrh, orris and jasmine shall charm you while ambergris, musk, cedarwood and sandalwood shall echo your eternal travel fantasies.

To be discovered at Salon de Parfums.