An eco-friendly wedding for a sustainable married life!

Eco-friendly weddings are increasingly capturing the hearts of brides and grooms who are conscious of the impact of their celebrations on the environment!  LUX* Resorts & Hotels assists you in organising a tailor-made eco-friendly wedding while ensuring that this event is the most beautiful day of the couple’s life. 

To achieve this, LUX* Resorts & Hotels favour hiring local staff and collaborates with various Mauritian service providers. For instance, Daphné Ducasse, a fashion designer who graduated from Paris, makes custom-made wedding dresses by recycling materials and fabrics collected over the years in her workshop. This Mauritian designer creates unique products under the label Daphné D., promoting sustainable and inclusive development.

“This unique collaboration between Daphne D. and LUX* Resorts & Hotels aims to offer unique experiences and is also a testament to the group’s commitment to caring for the environment and the community in which it operates,” says Daphne Ducasse.

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 LUX* Grand Gaube‘s gardeners collect dried flowers and twigs from the hotel’s courtyard to create a creative floral arch. The bouquets are supplied by small florists to support local businesses. Flowers are to be reused after the wedding.

Signage and other decorations are handmade by the Junk Art team of LUX* Belle Mare, from shells, dried flowers, driftwood or any other recycled material found on the island.

 Reducing waste

“The idea is to impress the future bride and groom as well as their guests with an eco-friendly and offbeat concept that rhymes with quality and conviviality. It’s always better to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and compensate for what’s left,” says Evita Fakun, Chief Sustainability Officer of The Lux Collective.

Endorsed by The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste, an international benchmark standard for reducing food waste, LUX* Le Morne repackages food scraps from celebrations and sends them to a local school for children from pockets of poverty.

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