Getting married in Mauritius: 4 settings for a piece of art

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Some dream of a wedding in the intimacy of their home, while others picture themselves in a unique setting. How about escaping with the people you love to the exotic backdrop of a tropical and cosmopolitan island? At the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. A place where the world’s greatest cultures have set down roots to thrive together. Pack up and leave the rest to the professionals. Surrender to the sweet scent of serenity as you compose the wedding of your dreams. Mauritius sounds like an obvious choice for an event filled with magic… where each pigment is delicately chosen to create the perfect blend. Each couple has a dream, each dream emerging as a painting… With Luxury Mauritius, embark on a colourful journey with four set-ups for a wonderful wedding in Mauritius.

Watercolours by the ocean

At the beach bar, the groom is sipping a drink with his best men. Toes in the sand, he is gazing dreamingly at the endless turquoise lagoon. In the distance, sega dancers are swaying and waving their colourful skirts to the rhythm of the Mauritian ravanne. The music is pleasant, enthralling, leading guests into a lively dance. The sound of familiar laughs catches the groom’s attention. Surrounded by childhood friends, his wife is enjoying herself while posing in front of a fearless photographer. She is sitting in a traditional pirogue: the slightest move may prove disastrous for the bride’s splendid white dress. But the pictures promise to be breathtaking! Isn’t it the reason why the couple chose the island in the first place? Guests are still sitting at their table. The food is exquisite. Lobster, crab, heart of palm salad, urchin cappuccino, cassava puree… A sea-inspired menu with typically local dishes for a surprising gourmet experience. It will soon be time for the first dance. A waltz tune, of course… One that sounds like a melody from the ocean! The lovebirds seem to glide on crystal waters as they tiptoe on the wooden deck, halfway between heaven and earth, fusing with the pastel, blue, pink and purple hues of the closing day – the prelude of an unforgettable night… As fireworks light up the night sky, flame-spitters break the dark with their blazing spears, while colourful cocktails are lined up on the bar counter. Say “Yes!” Say “I do!” to an idyllic wedding in paradise!

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A festival of spicy colours

Exotic fragrances permeate the air. Flavours of saffron, cumin, anise and basil compose the artwork, in consonance with the guest’s colourful apparel. From fuchsia to mustard yellow and electric blue, the canvas comes alive in a swirl of colours. The celebrations are taking place in the lavishly decorated hall of a prestigious hotel. Outside, the sea and the coconut trees are sparkling under modern light effects. At the back of the room, a sumptuous Indian buffet is set. The wide variety of curries feature ingredients as delectable as lobster, aubergines and coconut milk. On the side: Indian naans, hot dhal soup and Basmati rice. Delicacies from other parts of the world are also on offer, ranging from multi-shaped sushis to sizzling barbecue skewers. Oriental dancers with their kohl-lined eyes are adding up to the “Arabian Nights” ambiance of this magical wedding. With a couple of props at hand, the loving pair is having fun trying multiple poses in the photo booth. In a corner, the sommelier is talking with the groom’s father, who is appreciating his glass of wine with much delight. The mothers are merrily chatting about their plans for the coming days: a day at the spa, a full-day cruise, a bicycle tour in a coastal village… It feels like honeymoon again!

The outlines of an atypical wedding

A blank page, a few pencil strokes. A million possible scenarios can be sketched for a wedding in Mauritius. In a very private setting, two lovers are exchanging their vows in front of four witnesses. Through the portholes, a few fishes are also witnessing the unusual scene from their aquatic home. As you may guess, the ceremony is taking place in a submarine! A few miles away on dry land, a wedding is celebrated in the woods. Gathered in a rustic lodge surrounded by nature and tropical wildlife, a hundred guests are attending the union of two souls, which will be recognised as legal, since State Officers in Mauritius can travel on location to join future spouses in matrimony. Another wedding is drawn with secular stones in the backdrop: ruins standing among majestic banyan trees set the decor for a wonderful reception. And finally, the fantasy of a romantic wedding at sea: on a privatised catamaran, spouses and guests are watching the sun, like a blazing ball of fire, falling below the horizon. The “I do” promise mingles with the sound of rolling waves. Champagne starts flowing under the starlit sky.

Prestigious hotels, white-sand beaches, privatised islands, outdoor properties, colonial houses and lush gardens are just a few examples of exceptional backdrops which, coupled with first-class services, make Mauritius a first-choice destination to create a masterpiece for your special day.

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A Victorian garden party

The centrepiece: a beautiful colonial house, with its wooden facade, superb colonnades and vast verandah. On the front steps, a jazz band is playing Frank Sinatra’s iconic “I get a kick on you”. The surrounding gardens offer a lush decor, with extensive manicured lawns flanked with gigantic trees – some are century-old and others bear fruits. The bridal carriage, a vintage Rolls Royce, is parked on the edge of the garden. In the main hall, guests are feasting around a long table superbly decorated with candelabras, red rose bouquets and fine white crockery. With elegance and steady hands, waiters are serving the main dish. The catering chef, who is accustomed to great banquets, keeps a careful eye on the scene. All plates must be uncovered at the same time, the food must be warm and the wine glasses full. Guests are relishing their home-style foie gras and fresh venison roast amidst cheerful chatting. Now, the bride’s father stands up. Dressed in a beige custom-made tuxedo, he makes a speech in honour of his beloved daughter. The band is waiting in silence, while birds of all colours are flocking together, suddenly breaking into melodious chants. Once the

meal will be over, they will peck the crumbs that fell from the tables. The outdoor dance area is an invitation to celebrate. The DJ, who has specially travelled from Europe for the occasion, is preparing to set the mood for a trendy atmosphere. The bride, who has now removed her bridal train, is getting ready to hit the dance floor. Tonight, she is flying closer to the stars. She has left all troubles behind, and now she lets herself go in total euphoria.Happiness is here and now.