Endless, your personalised jewel

Endless Jewellery, the Danish brand which encountered the jewellery history’s fastest growth since its creation in 2014, sought to conquer Mauritians’ heart and choose Adamas as representative in Mauritius.

An asserted concept: Constant personalisation

Willing to set free women’s creativity, Endless Jewelry offers to make of the jewel an extension of personality, a unique object through the infinite variations and blends. They are designed by Julie Sandlau, an independent Danish creator and made in Vietnam.

They are made in genuine calf skin; the Endless bracelets are light and comfortable, draping themselves around the wrist like a second skin. Proposed in single, double or triple laps – in four different lengths-, they end by a magnetic clasp – in rhodium-plated steel or platted with 18 carats gold, favouring an easy and secured opening. Available till this day in 25 colours, the spectrum grows throughout the seasons by following the last fashion trends.

Interlacing the wrist, single or multiple, those bracelets are enhanced by charms. The brand created not less than 284 designs, available in different colours or stones, i.e. almost 600 references. Offered in rhodium-plated silver, in yellow or pink gold-plated, they overlap each over and offer endless combinations and are indefinitely collected, thanks to two new collections per year.

Endless in MauritiusA collection signed Jennifer Lopez

Seduced by the brand’s self-affirmation philosophy, the world star Jennifer Lopez agreed not only to become the brand’s representative but also to create her own collections: Jennifer Lopez by Endless.

A real success story…

Founded in 2014 by Jesper Nielsen, from who originates Pandora’s spectacular success, Endless Jewellery encountered the quickest growth of the whole jewellery’s history. In only two years, the Danish brand is already represented in approximately thirty countries with more than 3000 selling points, spread between North America and Europe. Recognized by its peers throughout several distinctions (namely “charm and bead collection of the Year” in Great Britain), the brand already grossed more than 25 Millions EUR of sales revenue as from its first year’s launch. Each month, the company employs 200 supplementary employees to cater for the demand.


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