[EXCLUSIVE] Adamah offers for sale artworks from 15 top-rated international artists

Located in the village of Anahita, facing the Indian Ocean, stands the art gallery Adamah Fine Arts, a must-see gallery for art lovers. A rare gem which, since two years, has been a bliss to Mauritian art collectors, Anahita’s residents and tourists and Four Seasons’ guests. Its peculiarity? It is the only art gallery in Mauritius that offers for sale artworks from top-rated international artists. It showcases some 15 world famous artists from different art movements: in other words, 15 emotion-filled journeys.



Mariela Garibay, Yves Cass, Myléne Mai, Marie Marziac, François Van Den Berghe, Marina Latta, Vincent Lignereux, Isabel Miramontes, Jean-Louis Corby, Carlos Orive, Jacques Van Den Abeele, Jorge Marin, Gidéon Appah, Catherine Timotei, Stéphane Braud… All these names come to life through their artworks of rare beauty: bronze sculptures, ceramic, paintings… We could have described them to you, but would imply limiting the endless possibilities of emotions that you may experience. Discover through this article some artworks on sale at Adamah Fine Arts gallery.

francois-van-den-berghe-artiste-adamah-art-galerie François Van Den Berghe

We rapidly understand that the manager he is a true enthusiast with high sensitivity. This sensitivity has been the leading light of Serge Patetta since a long time ago. He has bought his first artwork (watercolour and charcoal) at the age of 19 with his first paycheck. This sensitivity is also felt in his philosophy. Serge Patetta loves history, continuity and fidelity.

“Artists evolve, so do their techniques.”

Serge Patetta doesn’t aim at an ephemeral art exposition of only a couple of days. He does not change artists according to seasons. When he chooses to expose the artworks of an artist, he does so in order to follow him for years. And there is no redundancy in his offer. Serge Patetta explains: “Artists evolve, so do their techniques. If I showcase the artworks of a painter with whom I have collaborated 15 years ago, we will see that his technique, his approach, his inspiration has been evolving. Other painters like Yves Cass have begun with sculpture. This is why it is important to follow and accompany this artistic evolution. This is crucial.” He ultimately plans to expose 25 international artists.

catherine-timotei-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Catherine Timotei

mylene-mai-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Mylène Mai












I wish that everyone may enter a gallery and push the door.”

In his opinion, there is no need to have studied or to have precise bookish knowledge in order to grasp modern art. “There is no interest in having great art knowledge. It is just your sensitivity and your approach on an artwork that would spark emotion. The rest is of no interest. This is why I wish that everyone may enter a gallery and push the door. It is hard, even for Mauritians, to enter an art gallery as they have the mere impression that it is quite expensive. This modesty should be banned. You have to enter by curiosity, contemplate, compare, love, hate but open yourself to the artwork. What is important for is not just the purchase of an artwork, though necessary for the subsistence of the gallery, sharing is of equal importance”, relates Serge Patetta.

jorge-marin-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Jorge Marin

jean-louis-corby-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Jean-Louis Corby

isabel-miramontes-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Isabel Miramontes










It is in Monaco that he opened his first art gallery (in line with his job of manufacturing phytotherapeutic and cosmetic products). This has led him to meet great artists from all over the world and set up solid connections within the sector. In 2015, it is in Mauritius in Anahita (where he lives with his spouse) that Serge Patetta chose to open the first Adamah gallery (a second one will soon be launched) along with his two partners Altéo Properties and Blue Frog. His motto: put Mauritius on the international art scene. The reason behind this is that very few international artists were present in Mauritius.

Serge Patetta does not describe his gallery as a business, but rather like a treat. He affirms that his artworks are 20% cheaper than in Europe. For commercial and ethical reasons, in line with his approach, the artworks are not on a consignment basis, but are bought by the gallery instead. The gallery must therefore be able to generate money especially to buy new artworks and showcase new artists. The price of the artworks ranges fron Rs 8,000 to Rs 4,000,000 (a new 2-metre Garibay will soon be available).

Finally, Adamah Fine Arts will soon be holding an art exhibition together with 3 partners: MCB Private Banking, BMW and Anahita Estates. Two events regarding art, music and gastronomy where all the artists of the gallery will be presented. A French star chef will be present as well as 4 exposed artists.

The gallery will be open to general public as from 19th of May.




vincent-lignereux-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Vincent Lignereux

yves-cass-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Yves Cass

stephane-braud-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Stéphane B

garibay-artist-adamah-11 Mariela Garibay

marie-marziac-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Marie Marziac

carlos-orive-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Carlos Orive

jacques-van-den-abeele-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Jacques Van Den Abeele

marina-latta-artiste-adamah-art-galerie Mairna Latta