The long-awaited award-winning Jaguar F-TYPE has been unveiled!  The F‑TYPE range offers sports cars that only Jaguar could create – effortless performance and precise agile handling, with everyday refinement and usability. The powerful shape and beautiful proportions of the F-TYPE sports car reveal its heritage, the latest in the iconic Jaguar bloodline of high-performance sports cars. Luxury Mauritius had the privilege to test-drive that iconic car at the world-famous Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, in South Africa.

Exterior: A combination of power and grace

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The F-TYPE is in part, sculpted by the wind itself, formed with airflow technology. Flowing body lines, sculpted contours, pronounced haunches, bold proportions, instinctive curves – the F-TYPE is a pure high-performance luxury car combining both power and grace! Timeless, evocative and progressive in a way that could only be Jaguar. Aerodynamic performance is seamlessly integrated into the body for low levels of lift and excellent stability at high speed.

Interior:  The epitome of British Luxury

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One word: Luxury! The interior has been refreshed to enhance refinement while maintaining driver focus. Every element has been reappraised. New slim, lightweight seats that enhance legroom are the biggest change with Performance seats now offering optional cooling. Updates to even the smallest details such as new console finishers and chrome highlights on the doors and steering wheel deepen the sense of luxury.

A highly advanced powerful engine

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The T-TYPE now features a 296hp turbocharged 2.0‑Liter 4‑cylinder Ingenium engine, the most advanced and efficient engine ever found in an F‑TYPE (52kg lighter) with outputs of 221kW and 400Nm propelling the F-TYPE from a standstill to 100km/h in just 5.7 seconds – and on to a top speed of 250km/h. Combined with bespoke chassis tuning, it offers drivers enhanced dynamics and agility. The four-cylinder charged F-TYPE completes the 2018 model year F-TYPE line-up, joining the 423kW supercharged V8 F-TYPE SVR, 405kW F-TYPE R, 294kW F-TYPE 400 SPORT, 280kW F-TYPE S and 250kW F-TYPE – in both Coupé and Convertible body styles, as well as the R-Dynamic trim level. The F‑TYPE roars right from its heart. Its Sport Exhaust growls powerfully from start-up, building to a race-car-inspired crescendo.

An unrivalled driving experience

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An exceptional feeling of control, agility and feedback defines the F‑TYPE. Its superb driving dynamics are underpinned by a rigid chassis, forged aluminum double wishbone suspension and sophisticated Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system.

In-car technology
In line with the sports nature of the car, the F-TYPE boasts advanced technology features ensuring constant connectivity and entertainment to its occupants.

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Intuitive Visual Controls
The 8-inch touchscreen in the F‑TYPE center console allows selection of Easily select climate control, GPS navigation, audio choices or Bluetooth® telephone connectivity. The F‑TYPE now features the Touch Pro infotainment system as standard. Incredibly responsive with a highly intuitive user interface and sharp graphics, Touch Pro is the most advanced infotainment system that Jaguar has created.

Jaguar Incontrol Remote
InControl Remote™ enables the driver to monitor his F‑TYPE through his smartphone. It also allows him to track journeys, remotely lock/unlock his car, as well as remotely start the engine to heat or cool the cabin (remote start on automatic transmissions only).

Meridian™ Surround Sound System
This powerful audio system has been designed specifically for the F-TYPE soundscape. It provides superb audio reproduction through 12 speakers, including deep-bass subwoofers.

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Safety Features

Lane Departure Warning
The Lane Departure Warning can help make long journeys much safer. It has been designed for the driver to sense when the car is unintentionally drifting out of its lane, notifies him with a visual alert and a gentle vibration on the steering wheel.

Driver Condition Monitoring
This feature has been designed to detect if the driver is starting to feel drowsy or fatigued – giving him an early warning when he needs to take a break.

Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter
The Traffic Sign Recognition system keeps the driver fully informed and aware on the road, by displaying speed limits in the instrument cluster where they can easily be seen. Upon activation, the Adaptive Speed Limiter uses Traffic Sign Recognition information to adjust the car’s speed accordingly.

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Rollover Protection System
This ingenious safety feature has been designed to help protect Convertible occupants in the event of a rollover.

Emergency Brake Assist
In case the brakes are applied rapidly, the EBA boosts the braking force to the maximum for shorter stopping distances. It can also help retain greater steering control in unexpected situations.

The new F-TYPE range includes:

F-TYPE Coupe & Convertible:
2.0 l 4 cylindres 300 ch ; BVA ( Quickshift ) RWD

3.0 l V6 340 ch ; BVA ( Quickshift ) RWD/ BVM RWD
3.0 l V6 380 ch ; BVA ( Quickshift ); RWD/AWD / BVM RWD

F-TYPE R-Dynamic Coupe & Convertible:
2.0 l 4 cylindres 300 ch ; BVA ( Quickshift ) / BVM RWD

3.0 l V6 340 ch ; BVA ( Quickshift ) RWD/ BVM RWD
3.0 l V6 380 ch ; BVA ( Quickshift ) RWD/AWD / BVM RWD

F-TYPE 400 SPORT Coupe & Convertible:
3.0 l V6 400 ch ; BVA ( Quickshift ) RWD/AWD

F-TYPE R Coupe & Convertible:
5.0 l V8 550 ch BVA ( Quickshift ) AWD

F-TYPE SVR Coupe & Convertible:
5.0 l V8 575 ch BVA ( Quickshift ) AWD