When the historical shop L’Antiquaire blows a youthful breeze on Curepipe with S’Mall & Chic

Elegance, trend and energy are the three elements brought by S’Mall & Chic to the historical and chic town of Curepipe. The beautiful story takes its origins 26 years back when L’Antiquaire was launched by Géraldine Ducray Bouic and her father Paul G. Ducray. Since then, success has been present and the antique furniture and decoration boutiques, at Emile Sauzier Street in Curepipe, has inspired a new project 3 years ago: a concept store named S’Mall & Chic. The third anniversary of this shopping and leisure venue, in November 2017, has been the occasion for a visit by Luxury Mauritius…

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S’Mall & Chic is a family tradition. Nurtured by two decades of partnership with her father and their shared passion for refinement at L’Antiquaire, Geraldine Bouic has set a new challenge three years ago: the launching of a charming small hub, not far from the town centre. S’Mall & Chic is nested in a stone and wooden building which is a witness of the 18th century French colonial town also known as the most European of Isle de France: Curepipe. Structured as a family house, the concept store hosts 11 brands, including the restaurant The Market, under the same roof. An intriguing factor is the fact that visitors can stroll from room to room, or from shop to shop, and discover the products and services in a haphazard way, which is not usual in Mauritius. As Géraldine Bouic explains,

« I wanted to create a place of sharing and passion in this small centre, with a soul, and which reveals Mauritian creativity ».

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In this peculiar place, you can see tourists walking around the corridors of this big house, looking for a typical and unusual souvenir, 100% ‘Made in Mauritius’. From women’s fashion, with brands like Mademoiselle and Tina Rose to jewellery from Kaleidoscope by Adamas and Patrick Mavros, or interior decorations with Interieur Passion, GB Interiors, L’île aux images, La Fabrique Atelier Deco and Adamah Fine Arts, S’Mall & Chic proposes Avast range of local brands under the sign of innovation and elegance.


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It is not a trivial detail in such a place that as from your arrival in the parking, history intermingles with reality. Lislet Geoffroy, the French cartographer, and Robert Farquhar, the first British governor of Mauritius, will look after your vehicles (each parking space bears the name of a famous character of Mauritian history) while you will discover the delicate Mauritian cosmopolitan culture in the S’Mall & Chic shops.


Opening hours: From Monday to Friday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m – On Saturday from 9 a.m to 2 p.m.

For more information :

S’Mall & Chic Manager: Géraldine Ducray Bouic geraldine.antiquaire@nullorange.mu