Nolte Küchen: when living space and kitchen become one!

Are you on the hunt for a kitchen, or dreaming of rejuvenating the existing one? In order to get the best possible result, the German brand Nolte Küchen uncovers the latest trends of 2018. What are they? Innovative materials, soft colours, and an ever so smart design. Luxury Mauritius tells you all about it!

The kitchen is certainly the most lively room of the house. Unique Concept’s experts who represent Nolte Küchen kitchens in Mauritius certainly can’t deny it! The brand was elected Germany’s most sought-after kitchens for the second year in a row. This title is well-deserved: welcoming, functional and trendy, these kitchens are up and coming and suit the needs of active families to perfection: you can eat there, live there, and gather to share your past day with your loved ones, and have your friends over… There’s no doubt about it: the kitchen is the ultimate room!

Living in style

Soft shades which are a reminder of the beauty of nature, a touch of elegance brought by quality finishing touches, and practical solutions geared to adapt to all daily needs: these are the advantages proposed by Nolte Küchen through its newest catalog.

In 2018, the kitchen offers an authentic indulging experience. Shades of broom yellow, olive and avocado pose a soft contrast with stainless steel; steel and concrete fuse in a grey ombré effect while an industrial look infiltrates your interior. Are you more of a nature lover? The STONE and TIMBER lines, designed with concrete, green oak and natural tones will allow you to modulate the kitchen of your dreams.

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Cuisine and living in the same space!

The strong suit of Nolte is know-how, relying on details which make a huge difference: encased handles in the furniture for more fluid movements, flexible layouts, corner cupboards or even a sliding-door shelf which can be arranged however you want them to be. According to Unique Concept Associate director Rodolphe Grimal, it is this very criteria which sets Nolte apart from the Mauritian competitors:

“Nolte Küchen, as a brand, targets demanding customers for whom quality should be instantly visible. This is why the finishing touches are of paramount importance: by making the kitchen a pleasure to use daily, making them a determining element in client satisfaction”.

Innovations that come to life

The secret of a successful kitchen? An elegant look and refined finishing touches, together with the utmost flexibility. Striving to make this possible , the German brand is a constantly evolving one, proposing smart solutions for a dynamic daily life.

Luxury Mauritius’s favourite features of Nolte : magnetic surfaces on which you can display your favourite family pictures; clever lighting ideas – helping to light up both the inside of the furniture and the working areas. Who would have thought that a kitchen made in Germany would fulfill a Mauritian’s expectations so well?

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