Stuttgart Motors launches the 3rd generation of Porsche Cayenne

The luxury car dealership of ABC Motors broadens its offer with four new models of Porsche. The star of the evening was nonetheless the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, on sale in Mauritius only 4 months after its official release. This event has of course been celebrated lavishly.


The Cayenne range grows, with 4 new models, and the advent of the 3rd generation of signature SUVs of the German brand. Porsche. If popular models have been customarily introduced one year after their presentation at the Frankfurt Auto Show of the previous year, a peculiar exception shows the tip of its reptilian nose. The latest E-Hybrid, unveiled only 4 months ago, has arrived in Mauritius.

Revamped, and spiced up

Cayenne has thought over the design codes for a new range that puts forward an even more athletic silhouette, to reaffirm the sportive image linked to the name. The resulting looks are emblematic of the Porsche esthetic, nonetheless declined to detach its SUV segment from the rest.

Even the cars’ performance has been updated, and is far from lagging behind. Powerful turbocharged engines, coupled with an 8 speed Triptronic S gearbox boost the capacities of the Porsche legend.  

Porsche Cayenne Luxury Mauritius 1

With an eye for detail, the brand pushed innovation further up to a redesign of the display features and control panel for a clearly more modern, practical and aesthetic cabin.  

E-Hybrid; an exclusive from the latest Auto Show

Bringing with it a breath of fresh air, the just-launched SUV has everything to seduce the Mauritian market. More environment-friendly, it nevertheless enables a dynamic driving experience while maintaining the key efficiency characteristics of cars of its category.

With regards to power, the 3L V6 and its electric motor team up for a cumulative horsepower of 462 watts, resulting in a breathtaking performance. The E-Hybrid goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds to peak at 253 km/h.

The electric motor, for its part, has an autonomy of 44 km for a maximum speed of  135 km/h. Advantaged by an electric boost system, this engine gains additional power in each of the driving modes of the Sport Chrono pack.