The Fermob lifestyle

The vintage charm of metal furniture is made to last! Represented by Kasa Textile in Mauritius, Fermob is a resolutely modern brand that makes the most out of retro decoration trends, and brings them back to life through statement furniture. Here’s an insight.

Each Fermob furniture carries the brand’s expert trademark, a recognisable deft hand. Its iconic signature has a scent of nostalgia, triggered by the finesse of wrought iron and aluminium. The pieces are undeniably influenced by the refinement of Scandinavian styles to create outstanding and sophisticated sets. 

Indoor or outdoor

Inspired by outdoor living, the pieces are bright-coloured and adaptable. They tell tales of bubbly garden parties; warm summer evenings lulled by the sound of crickets; delicious Sunday brunches surrounded by loved ones… At other times, they can sneak into the house and turn into sophisticated yet classic indoor furniture. Each collection is an invitation to la dolce vita, and each piece is a reminder of wonderful moments spent with friends and family.

Luxury Mauritius Fermob 2
Art of living with a thousand vibes

While the 1900 collection is an ode to the century’s timeless garden furniture, with unique know-how and aestheticism, the mythical Luxembourg collection has a spirit of conviviality that reminds of the charm of Parisian gardens on summer days. The Sixties collection, with the charisma of loft trends, is more versatile and would do wonders in a winter garden, enclosed by endemic and tropical plants.

Luxury Mauritius Fermob 3
Fermob: Sustainable furniture

Does chic necessarily rhyme with ephemeral? Here, the issue does not come into play since all the metals used by Fermob are weather resistant. They will stand by you and decorate your outdoors season after season. Fermob furniture is ecologic; it is made to respect nature, from design to paint. It is a real revival of a traditional handicraft that bridges past with present to give a unique touch to each set element… With sobriety and sustainability.