Your Nespresso coffee capsules go green

Wonderful news! Nespresso, world pioneer of high-end coffee, has undertaken a promising eco-friendly initiative with the launch on the 30th of May of its new service in Mauritius: the recycling of coffee capsules. Represented by Scott & Co Ltd since 2012, the brand now provides different Recycling units for used capsules.

Nespresso: a committed brand

This is not an uncommon proceeding for Nespresso. In fact, recycling used capsules was already prevailing in Switzerland in 1991. Since then, the brand is committed to the responsible management of aluminum and the reduction of its carbon footprint. In line with its environmental policy, this process has spread worldwide, reaching up to more than 50 countries, Mauritius being the 54th. Mauritian consumers can now enjoy quality coffee, while being eco-responsible …

Matthew Taylor, CEO of Scott & Co Ltd, highlights: “The trial programme has been a great success. This growing enthusiasm of our customers for recycling has encouraged us to persist our efforts in this direction. Other capsule collection points will soon be added to existing ones. While the aluminium capsules will be handed over to Mtrek society, which will re-inject it into the aluminum recycling sector, the used coffee grounds will be converted to compost for the fields of IMOVE, a company dedicated to reasoned agriculture. The coffee grounds are indeed an extremely powerful fertilizer”.

Nespresso Recyclage LuxuryMauritius 2

A small action for a greater cause

The recycling process of your aluminum capsules – originally designed to preserve your coffee from air, moisture and light – aligns with Nespresso’s commitment to respecting natural and human resources, responsible management of aluminum and the limitation of the carbon footprint.

As for the NGO IMOVE, in 2018, it counted 124,000 servings of fruits and vegetables to underprivileged children through the Fiveaday program. With the coffee grounds amassed, they will be able to provide even more for the project’s agricultural needs.

Nespresso Recyclage LuxuryMauritius 1

To make your eco-gesture, simply hop by one of the many Nespresso Recycling Units across the country: Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius; Grand Bay La Croisette; Creole Creek; at Flacq Coeur de Ville; and at Scott & Co Ltd’s headquarters in Riche Terre.