Yuni, artistic design style

Natural materials, summer colours, contemporary lines – fashionable and exotic, the Yuni style is the embodiment of sunny days and warm summer evenings. It’s this approach that has brought the Mauritian interior décor company success beyond its own shores, to Seychelles and Reunion Island.

Scandinavians have created a cult around their minimalist and functional style, Britons are proud of their Liberty’s and their tartan, and Californians induce an inviting feel-good factor. What then is our Indian Ocean signature style?

Our homes are designed to enable us to move between indoors and outdoors, from the sitting room to the terrace and the garden – or the beach. We place the accent on vibrant colours, natural textures and wooden finishings for a decor that is at once chic and laidback, sophisticated and exotic. It’s a style that is typical of Bali, a style Yuni has successfully adopted.

Founded in 2004, Yuni is a one-stop shop, unique amongst interior décor firms in Mauritius. It has handpicked brands from all over the world that perfectly reflect our islands’ dolce vita and its own product range. Yuni Line, from its factories in Jepara and Cirebon in Indonesia, offers a full and bespoke furniture solution. The manufacturer also works with architects and interior decorators to guide not just individuals but also hotels and property developers in the creation of a perfect lifestyle that matches our idea of island life.

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It’s an attractive style that has led Yuni to signing numerous interior décor projects in Mauritius as well as in Reunion Island, Seychelles and even as far afield as The Maldives. From personalised and elegant family homes to some of the most beautiful hotels in the region and elegant development projects, the firm can be proud of a distinguished client portfolio and its creative and gracious achievements.

Yuni understands that the Balinese style is not only about interior décor but also about a way of life that is very much our own. We can count on them to create a perfect tropical ambience at home that is simultaneously sophisticated, welcoming and relaxing.

Par Elena Boulart