Let us guide you with our Luxury Road Trip in the West of the island

Are you ready for a second Luxury Road Trip Luxury and experience wonderful culinary adventures, picturesque sceneries and the cultural treasures of the island? As a follow-up to our previous trip in the North, Luxury Indian Ocean will now take you on the west coast and the southwest of Mauritius for a colourful expedition… Ranked 10th among the 10 most beautiful roads around the world in 2016 by to the famous French guide “Le Petit Futé”, this tour foreshadows an enchanting adventure. Buckle up!

Luxury Road Trip Luxury Mauritius 1 Wolmar Restaurant La Pirogue

First stop: the Early Bird breakfast

For the most important meal of the day, we are bound to make a comfortable stopover… This is why we suggest the perfect meal to start your day on the right foot: a continental breakfast at the Wolmar Restaurant, located at the heart of hotel La Pirogue. With the idyllic setting of this 4-star resort along with a tasty breakfast, your eyes and taste buds will both be pleasantly delighted.

Second stop: Your dose of vitamin sea

After refueling, let us head to Black River for a marine adventure. Take a car or motorbike ride along the famous beaches of the west coast. Discover Flic en Flac, the popular seaside crowded with both tourists and Mauritians; Tamarin, a little piece of heaven for surfers; and La Preneuse, where reside old canons and the Martello tower – remnants of the 19th century battles involving French and British ships.

Luxury Road Trip Luxury Mauritius 9 La Preneuse Beach Luxury Road Trip Luxury Mauritius 10 Tamarin Beach Luxury Road Trip Luxury Mauritius 8 Flic en Flac Beach

End this promenade at Black River jetty to board with the team of Vitamin Sea Ltd. Cédric and Marine, two ocean enthusiasts and founders of the company, will help you discover the aquatic fauna and swim with dolphins in their natural environment! These cetaceans have made of the Mauritian west coast their playground and resting ground. They will then venture in the high seas to hunt for food.

Photo Credit: Vitamin Sea Luxury Road Trip Luxury Mauritius 2 Photo Credit: Vitamin Sea

Time to immerse yourself in an aquatic world for an unforgettable swim with dolphins, followed by an exclusive dive to discover multitude marine creatures. A small bonus: you can immortalise this magical experience with beautiful high-quality photos and videos made by the team.

Third stop: Sweet escape in the heights

In order to relax after such an adrenaline rush, take the direction of Chamarel to the distillery. Nestled at 300 meters above sea level in the southwest of the island, La Rhumerie de Chamarel is a refreshing adventure, in the middle of sugar cane plantations and tropical fruits. A guide will take you around the distillery to discover the stages of manufacture: from the preparation of the cane to the distillation processes, as well as the grinding and the fermentation techniques. The delicious excursion is adjourned with a tasting of rums and liquors.

Luxury Road Trip Lucury Mauritius 4 Rhumerie de Chamarel Luxury Road Trip Luxury Mauritius 5 Rhum of Chamarel

To conclude the episode of the rhumerie, L’Alchimiste – the estate restaurant, a dignified hallmark among the most prestigious ones – offers a copious m’eal for lunch. Between venison or charcuterie, everything seems delicious… The choice is yours!

Fourth stop: The ethereal sight of Macondé

After this hearty meal, you would want to relax a bit. Why not head to the southwest coast of the island, in the charming village of Baie du Cap. Find there an inevitable stopping point, where you can enjoy the scenic view of Macondé. Formerly known as Cape Brabant, according to maps dating back to 1753, the viewpoint was later renamed to evoke the “Makondés” – a population of southern Africa living mainly in southeastern Tanzania and northern Mozambique. It seems that this place, which has become an imminent spot for visitors of this famous road, once served as a shelter for slaves.

Luxury Road Trip Luxury Mauritius 6 Macondé viewpoint

You may then continue on the road to Flic en Flac, along the coastline, contemplating its vivid landscapes between sea and mountains.

Last stop: The Buddha Beach bar at Sugar Beach

To end this day with style, allow yourself to be soothed by a beautiful sunset while sipping a succulent cocktail of the Buddha Beach bar. This heavenly Beach Club also offers gourmet meals accompanied by good music.

Luxury Road Trip Luxury Mauritius 7 Buddha Bar Sugar Beach

It is impossible to refuse such a  road trip, combining culture and picturesque landscapes, complemented by Luxury adventures… Waiting for the next destination!