Bedeck your kitchen with the elegance of quartz…

Renowned for its elegance and aesthetics, quartz invites itself into your home, on your worktops. Cosentino Mauritius offers you to adorn your kitchens using natural materials based on minerals, such as quartz or granite, with its significant expertise in the field. Much more than just a modern trend, these materials emanate positive waves that balance the body and its immediate environment. Overview!

The expertise of Cosentino Mauritius at your service

With great experience under its belt, this company offers ultra-compact quartz composed of more than 20 minerals and granite for your countertop and kitchen table with more than 100 colours of quartz in three to five thicknesses and textures. They are available in full or half sheets and can also be ordered according to your needs. Installation is only on request.

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Spoilt for choice

The out-of-stock colours of kitchen counters, quartz and granite sheets can be imported upon your request, as per your needs. The three to four months wait will definitely be worth it because it allows you to invest in a natural, healthy and sustainable product.

Quartz and granite are revolutionary because they are natural and contain no resins or chemicals. With 94% pure quartz material, these products are naturally protected against stains or scratches. They are resistant to high heat and even fire.

25 years warranty

The price varies between Rs39,000/sheet up to Rs125,000/sheet. Full quotes on request are executed within 72 hours. Explanations, as well as support in carrying out the projects, are also offered.

The products of Cosentino Maurice from the prestigious company Cuarzo & Co Ltd are of such unique perfection and finish due to the pure and durable material used that it offers a 25-year international guarantee on the ultra-compact quartz and a 15-year warranty on granite.