Plastic: Recycle and earn rewards for your eco-actions

Be environmentally conscious! Don’t throw away your used plastic bottles. Embrace the Smart City of Moka’s innovative initiative to actively encourage bottle recycling, known as the “Recycling Bottles Challenge”, starting on Saturday 26th of March.

As part of the global recycling day which was celebrated on March 18, the Smart City of Moka has launched the “Recycling Bottles Challenge” which will take place during four Saturdays, from the 26th of March to the 16th of April, at the Bagatelle Mall, Kendra and Les Allées shopping centres.

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An attractive prize

As such, Mauritians are encouraged to drop off their PET plastic bottles at a stand installed for the purpose in the above-mentioned shopping centres. Each bottle returned is equivalent to an entry for a draw which will award two grand prize winners. The first winner will receive a voucher from Winner’s supermarkets, worth the proceeds from the sale of the bottles to the recycler Resogreen. The more bottles collected, the bigger the prize pool!

The second place winner will earn a voucher of equal value donated by the Smart City of Moka, which is committed to doubling the final prize pool. The two winners will also each walk away with a pair of MOKA glasses, made by Helios Eyewear from recycled plastic and collected in the Moloks within the Smart City.

Through this original approach, the Smart City of Moka reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development. It also demonstrates its interest in waste recovery.

“We are continuously on the verge of finding new ideas to encourage the active participation of Mokassians and Mauritians in our ecological projects. We have to set aside the bottles right now, because the more bottles we have, the more interesting the fund will be,” says Olaf Boullé, Land & Business Development Manager of the Smart City of Moka.