Mont Choisy Group inaugurates its masterpiece, the Heritage Zone

The Mont Choisy Group has successfully grown from a small family-owned sugarcane company to a leading operator in the real estate sector. This was the challenge set by Mont Choisy Group by diversifying its activities. The company has invested more than Rs 125 million to boost the development of the Heritage Zone in Mont Choisy.

Nestled within the breathtaking region of the north of Mauritius, Mont Choisy Heritage Zone, along with its flagship, Maison de Mont Choisy, and its unique stone architecture set in a scenic driveway of century-old flamboyant trees and banyans, was inaugurated on 11 November by Deputy Prime Minister Steven Obeegadoo, Chairman of the Board Vincent Rogers, Chief Executive Officer Jyoti Jeetun, the Group’s directors and other distinguished guests.

Two hundred years of history

With a rich history of over two centuries, this place full of memories and life allies its calm and serenity with modern-day dynamism, rendering it very much appreciated by companies and individuals seeking to organise their events in this exclusive location.

“We are undergoing the most significant transformation connected to this area of the island as a result of our decisive actions,” says Jyoti Jeetun, Chief Executive Officer of the Mont Choisy Group.

She also stated that fostering sustainable development by preserving a cultural heritage of over two centuries of history is the vision of Mont Choisy Group.

“While Heritage Zone has involved significant investments, it is rewarding to witness the efforts made to enhance our cultural treasures, particularly in an economy that is extremely reliant on the openness of our country and on tourism. It is our responsibility to live and act in such a way as to always dream bigger than our memories,” said Vincent Rogers, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mont Choisy Group.

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