Let’s celebrate our homeland at Île Des Deux Cocos!

Because the civic dignity of a sovereign people is priceless, it deserves to be celebrated with pomp and pride. This is why the Île Des Deux Cocos team invites you on the 12th of March, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., to commemorate the Independence and Republic Day of our beloved homeland. A whole series of activities around the theme of the national holiday will be on the agenda for you to be part of this surge of patriotism.

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A warm welcome will be reserved awaits upon your arrival through cocktails with exotic flavours of the region. During the day, the Île Des Deux Cocos team shall proceed to the traditional flag-raising ceremony to solemnly mark the 54th anniversary of independence and the 30th anniversary of the Republic of our country.

A splendid moment to enjoy

After the meal, you will be invited to take a boat trip to discover the magnificent Blue Bay marine park or if you wish, you can snorkel. You will live a dream moment while admiring the fabulous fauna of the island.


To highlight our traditions and cultures, a sumptuous buffet with local and authentic flavour will be served for lunch. Customers will also be able to enjoy typical Mauritian drinks, and there, as the English will say: ‘The sky is the limit’! Alcohol lovers, meanwhile, will be happy to learn that a tasting of homemade rum will also be on the program. At the end of the day, nothing better than indulging in island activities, such as beach volleyball and archery.

Located in the south-east of the country, Île des Deux Cocos aims to be a remarkable experience with an entire private island at your disposal, with all the luxury facilities and five-star service!