Embracing the breathtaking beauty of Tamarin with Art

To capture the great assets of Tamarin Bay in a genuine microcosm to celebrate its beauty and diversity in unity through fine art. This is what Kouler Moris aims to achieve.

The urban art project, which was launched in February this year, aims to embellish the walls of Beach Avenue with street art under the central theme of ‘Tamarin, a better future’. A group of local artists have been commissioned by a collective of companies working in collaboration with local residents to design and draw murals representing diversity in unity.

Luxury Indian Ocean Rogers Kouler Moris Tamarin 2 Nicolas Bastien-Sylva, Managing and Creative Director chez TWÖGETHER
Gathering what is disparate

This exciting urban art project aims to celebrate the beauty of Tamarin and bring the community together with a common goal. It is the beginning of a series of initiatives such as workshops with artists, Beach Avenue residents and other local stakeholders.

Several partners are involved in this initiative, including the Rogers Foundation, Rogers Hospitality, Veranda Tamarin, Awanam (Phoenix Beverages Ltd), Pascale on the Go (Pascale Montocchio), Sofap and UBP and the Tamarin Village Council.

Luxury Indian Ocean Rogers Kouler Moris Tamarin 1

The programme focuses on three pillars, namely environmental protection and sustainable development, peace and community building, and the transmission of values of solidarity and friendship.

Besides sprucing up Beach Avenue with murals, the project also includes self-expression, writing and music workshops and beach clean-ups.

Amongst others, Melanie Pérès and Rafiki will tell the story of Tamarin, while Julien Quirin and Dévid will create murals.

Since its inception in 2018, Veranda Tamarin has been keen to maintain close interaction with the Tamarin Village Council and the community.