Gwladys Nocera: One of the greatest champions in France on the green of

Gwladys Nocera, one of the best golfers in France and notorious coach honoured the course of Anahita Golf on the 22nd of February. The retired golfer has shared her talent and her experience with members of the Golf Club of Anahita, owners and customers of the hotel, during a conference and a golf tournament.

As one of the greatest champions of France, Gwladys Nocera had won the order of merit on the European circuit and some 14 tournaments. She was also twice elected “European player of the year” by all of her opponents. She now trains the players of the French amateur team. She had the opportunity to share her experience, talk about her journey and provide valuable advice to those present during the conference she hosted at Anahita Golf & Spa Resort.

Reaching the Holy Grail

“What makes the difference in this sport is hard work. For me, golf is a school of life that has allowed me to meet extraordinary people around the world. But it is above all hard work and the desire to win that allowed me to reach the heights. It is very important to know how to ask the right questions and to have discipline. There is no magic recipe; you always have to work extremely hard, invest yourself fully and not be afraid to win. This is the only way to achieve the holy grail,” says Gwladys Nocera.

For Cyril Bougaux, Head of Communications and Public Relations at Alteo Properties Ltd, golf is one of the finest disciplines because it unites people around noble values.

“The notion of sharing is, for example, very present on the Anahita greens, especially between athletes, customers and our teams. There is a relaxed, family and friendly atmosphere that makes the best golfers, including international names, choose Anahita Golf & Spa Resort, whether to stay there, play or train,” he concludes.