Time to relax with Tamassa Bel Ombre

Make every moment count… This is the motto of Tamassa Bel Ombre of The Lux Collective. This luxury hotel always puts the guest at the heart of everything it does. So to end the month of March on a high note, the hotel is offering attractive day and evening packages to guests.

Looking to reconnect with yourself and others… or simply spend some time with your significant other to escape the daily grind… Or if you want to strengthen your ties with your family or friends… Tamassa Bel Ombre has everything you need to make your stay an invigorating, relaxing and convivial one.

Luxury Indian Ocean Tamassa1
 Heavenly setting

“At Tamassa Bel Ombre, we help our clients to find themselves and reconnect with their loved ones. Very often we tend to let our respective lives separate us. It is therefore important for us to bring our guests closer to what is important; themselves and others. So we imagined a bright and vibrant hotel that would make people want to get together to have a good time and create unforgettable moments with their loved ones,” explains Melanie Ohis, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Indeed, guests can stop by this idyllic setting to celebrate the little moments that make you smile, surround yourself with those who mean the most to you, or simply take a refreshing break. What could be better than sipping a coconut, freshly picked from one of the lush gardens, by the sparkling beach or one of Tamassa’s three radiant pools?

Sometimes it is these unexpected and joyful moments that become the best memories of a holiday. That’s why Tamassa Bel Ombre is committed to making every moment memorable for its guests.