Tiny Forest of Beau Plan: Towards Creating a Greener Mauritius

Imagine a thriving area with small green forests all around, demonstrating its sustainable urban development.

This initiative by Terra is both inspiring and innovative, contributing to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development in the region. The project involves planting over 400 plants on a 200m2 surface, which will help make the country greener in the long run.

The Tiny Forest project creates new areas of greenery in the Beau Plan region. It involves creating small forests of 100m2, comprising of trees, shrubs, plants, endemic and indigenous ferns that can absorb CO2 ten times more efficiently than normal forests.

Natural ecosystems

“We’re proud of this project, which will create a genuine natural ecosystem in our region, and we’re grateful for the Forestry Services’ invaluable assistance. This Tiny Forest is part of the Independence Day celebrations, aiming to encourage this type of initiative across the island, contributing to building a greener future for Mauritius,” says Emeric Vigier de Latour, Communications Manager of Novaterra.

The first Tiny Forest was planted in Bois Rouge by the stakeholders of the region and the project partner, Forestry Services, on Saturday, March 11th.

“By creating these types of natural ecosystems, Beau Plan is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and regenerating the endemic flora and fauna ten times faster than in an exotic environment,” says Marie Annick Auguste, CSR Manager of the Terra Group.