Nespresso’s Vertuo, a new marvel for coffee lovers

Not a single coffee bean can stand in the way of the Nespresso grinder’s revolution to satisfy the gourmet taste buds of the most selective espresso connoisseurs. Vertuo is a new marvel with all the wondrous qualities of a great cup of coffee.

Nespresso has revolutionised the coffee market with its iconic capsule, and with Vertuo it is innovating once again, creating a new experience for lovers of short coffee breaks served from a large cup. 

This new coffee machine combines versatility and high technology with the revolutionary centrifugal aroma extraction system to fulfil all flavour expectations, from espresso to regular coffee, using the very same quality for which Nespresso is renowned. This new gem has all the qualities desired within a single machine, including top quality, design, aesthetics, simplicity of use and eco-responsibility.

Sustainable development being at the heart of Nespresso’s strategy, the Vertuo is made from 50% recycled plastics.

Luxury Indian Ocean Nespresso VERTUO_022
Luxury Indian Ocean Nespresso VERTUO_281
Centrifugal brewing

It can be set up to serve various sizes of coffee, including 40, 80, 150, 230 and 535 ml. Furthermore, its unique button and barcode reader make it possible to prepare this delectable beverage in a flash and without worrying about the volume of water to be added.

“With Vertuo, we aim to deliver the Nespresso experience to our clients while capitalising on our core strengths: unique and enduring coffee expertise, continuous innovation, exclusive services, and personalised relationships with each of our clients. This brand new coffee machine is a hit in some countries and we are delighted to introduce it in Mauritius,” says Luigi Peccini, Director of Nespresso, a Scott & Co. managed brand.

The Vertuo is the result of the combination of an innovative optical recognition technology and an exclusive centrifugal flavour extraction process, which combines centrifugal force and water infusion, to preserve the quality of the coffee regardless of its size.