Long Beach and Sugar Beach greet their new GMs

Excellent news for the most prestigious hotels of Sun Resorts Group: two new General Managers have been appointed to strengthen Long Beach and Sugar Beach hotels with their undeniable expertise.

On the west coast, Sun Resorts has announced the nomination of Jean-Marc Ma-Poon, to take over the management of Sugar Beach. The former GM of Long Beach is set to lead the newly renovated 5* hotel. Looking better than ever, Sugar Beach features new rooms, and sumptuous indoor and outdoor spaces including a refurbished mansion, lobby and main restaurant.

Luxury Indian Ocean Sun Resorts Jean-Marc-Ma-Poon

“The arrival of Jean-Marc Ma-Poon at the head of Sugar Beach will boost the reputation of this magnificent resort, which no doubt has many more years ahead of it,” says François Eynaud, CEO of Sun Resorts.

Following Jean-Marc Ma-Poon’s reign at Long Beach, Sun Resorts has appointed Christian Jacquier as its General Manager effective immediately. Christian Jaquier brings with him many years of experience in the luxury hotel industry, notably working at the heart of Ritz-Carlton and as Hotel Manager of the Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali, and is a real asset to Long Beach.

“While the travel and hotel sectors recover from the health crisis, the arrival of Christian Jaquier at the head of Long Beach marks a symbolic step for the Sun Resorts group”, concludes the CEO.