Ambre Resort: Double accolade for Executive Chef Kallooa !

Mauritians often do great credit to their motherland. It is the turn of Vijranand Kallooa, Executive Chef of Ambre Resort, flagship of the Sun Resorts group, to bear the torch high. He was recently twice crowned with the prestigious Master Chef Certificate by the City & Guilds of Great Britain and with the distinction of Worldchefs Certified Executive Chef.

Luxury Indian Ocean Ambre - Chef Kallooa
A prosperous career

hese two outstanding awards come at the pinnacle of his 44-year career in the gastronomy sector. It is after this wide experience in the kitchen that he was bestowed with such a vibrant glory. At 63, this veteran Chef has every reason to express his pride and gratitude. 

He started his rich career as a kitchen helper at Le Saint Géran in 1975 and soon found himself playing in the big league through his numerous trips and training in different parts of the world. 

 In 1996, he was appointed Executive Chef at Coco Beach Hotel and in 2010 he was called upon to lead a team of 120 employees within the five restaurants of the Long Beach Hotel. Two years later, he rose to the rank of Executive Chef at the Ambre Hotel.

 “At the age 63, my aim was to complete my career as a World Certified Master Chef. I thank Sun Resorts for giving me the opportunity to grow in the hospitality industry. I am also grateful for the support I received from the Mauritius Chef Association, my General Manager and the Deputy Director of the Ambre Hotel,” says the new Master Chef Vijranand Kallooa.