When an emblematic hotel group commits to ecological change

The goal is set. By July 2021, Beachcomber has the ambition to be the first hotel group in Mauritius to operate with a Zero Plastic consumption policy. This ecological initiative will be achieved through a major action plan, based on replacing all single-use plastic items by products made from environmental-friendly materials, while leaving intact the charm and high-end standard of services of the hotels.

The best ally for an eco-responsible cause 

As a visionary of the hotel sector in Mauritius, Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels is emphasising its commitment to sustainable development.

ZeroPlastic Beachcomber Luxury Indian Ocean 2

The first step to fight back plastic pollution is to pinpoint all products made from this material and replace them with biodegradable or recyclabled items. This will stimulate awareness among artisans.

“It’s an ambitious wager which we are working on. In order to achieve this goal, we will need the collaboration and involvement of our suppliers,” highlights Gilbert Espitalier-Noël, CEO of Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels.

This step is one of the 52 measures of the hotel group’s environmental charter, initiated in 2019.

Solutions for a change

Launched in 2017, the Zero Plastic policy was set through a ban on the use of straws and the phasing out of plastic water bottles in all establishments. These have been replaced by biodegradable paper straws and glass bottles. Beachcomber also remains committed by proposing the use of cloth laundry bags made from used sheets, and in the near future, miniature toiletries will be replaced with refillable dispensers.

Beachcomber’s awareness campaign, through its Zero Plastics Action and support for sustainable alternatives, follows last year’s World Wildlife Foundation report. The latter has revealed that plastic waste in Mauritius accounts for 14% of municipal waste, representing a total of 76,000 tons of plastic.

Beachcomber’s approach to develop a Zero Plastic lifestyle also targets a raising awareness among its local and international customers and employees.