Mauritius applauded by The World Travel & Tourism Council

Mauritius is a healthy and secure destination… What a delightful news ensuing the hardships of several weeks of lockdown. Indeed the island is being acknowledged as a safe haven when it comes to COVID-19, thanks to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)–an institution representing the private tourism sector of travel and tourism in the world.

Good news at last!

A ray of hope to which we can cheer despite this challenging period… especially when it comes from such a renown organisation as the WTTC. The latter honours the efforts undertaken by Mauritius during the pandemic. As explained by the Tourism Authority on its website, the government has launched a series of procedures following the pandemic situation in the world: the progressive closure of borders; the application of strict confinement measures; the isolation of infected people; contacts follow-ups, as well as intensive testing… Such efforts are being applauded by the international community.

While Mauritius has not recorded any cases locally since the 26th of April, the government lifted the sanitary confinement on the 31st of May. The MTPA has implemented a series of compulsory sanitary measures to boost the tourism industry. Indeed, the country will be ready to actively welcome tourists and travellers very soon.

About the WTTC: The WTTC brings together more than 200 CEOs and leaders of the largest travel and tourism companies from all over the world and from all industries. This organisation strives to promote travel and tourism as one of the largest economic sectors worldwide, supporting one in 10 jobs (330 million) across the world and generating 10.3% of global GDP. Over the past 30 years, the WTTC has conducted research on the economic impact of travel and tourism in 185 countries.