Omnicane’s gateway to the South

The South of Mauritius, and its sugarcane fields that seemingly stretch to the horizon: this is the place in which Omnicane thrives. Founded a century ago, the sugar industry titan has crafted a green haven of well-being in the South, through the company’s altruism, traditions and centennial heritage.

In the 2000s, the centralisation of the sugar industry allowed Omnicane to take the reins of all the sugar production in the south of the island. As the years went by, this fecund enterprise turned its eyes towards the future of the country, and diversified its activities by focussing its efforts on a variety of group entities. One such entity, the Omnicane Foundation, was founded in 2009; its vibrant humanism is such that employees, shareholders and local communities are all agents of development, thriving in an atmosphere where sharing and harmonious living are the modus operandi.

“A flourishing South”: such is Omnicane’s leitmotif. The group, a pioneer in sustainable development, has set in motion a plethora of projects to ensure the perennial well-being of the region, call it a Southern signature. “Every year, we sponsor around 70 projects”, explains Rajiv Ramlogum, Group Chief Sustainability Officer. These initiatives, which hold community welfare at their heart, have a bearing on numerous fields such as education, sport, nature conservation, socio-economic empowerment and even health – two examples include the breast cancer awareness and screening campaign, and the Fight Diabetes At Work campaign to improve the health and lifestyle of the group’s diabetic employees.

Beyond aiming to create a South where living is as pleasant as it can be, Omnicane also strives to ensure that this part of the island becomes a cultural crossroads. Mon Trésor’s Smart City embodies this vision, and its enticing call to “Move South” promises an effervescent, dynamic region. Located near the airport, the Smart City represents a gateway to business and will also offer a Trade Port & Freeport Park, a commercial space with a 15,000 m2 shopping centre and a film studio that will be created in an old sugar factory. The Smart City’s open to the world – and not just to the business world: with its residential complex, Mon Trésor offers Mauritians and foreigners alike the chance to live far away from the vicissitudes of city life, in a calm haven in nature.

By Eugénie Sauzier-De Rosnay (original version in French)