“A private bank is, above all else, synonymous with human relations”

A warm handshake, some news exchanged, a shared joke. Stephan B., a client of Bank One for more than 4 years and Johan Bhudoye, his private banker, agreed to be interviewed to tell us what they think makes a successful private banking relationship.

Why did you choose Bank One?

Stephan B. : I was looking for a bank that would be attentive to my needs and provide me with tailor-made advice. I found this in Johan, private banker, at Bank One.

Johan Bhudoye : We believe that private banking is primarily based on a personal relationship and support over the long-term. It’s why we believe that it is particularly important to listen attentively to the needs of each client. It is a challenge that, I feel, we have successfully met with Stephan and our other clients. We have established a real human relationship – which was essential to better understand his needs and provide him with quality advice.

According to you, what is the definition of ‘good service’?

Stephan B. : It’s a working relationship which is a personalised one and provides technical expertise. Bank One understands my expectations and offers me solutions which really speak to me as a person. In other words, Johan has put all his expertise at my disposal whilst taking the time to
understand my expectations.

Johan Bhudoye : The banking world is increasingly becoming a digitalised one and the notion of service is becoming more diluted nowadays. In order to better serve our clients, at Bank One, we have found the right balance between digitised services and human relations. Our services are above all synonymous with personal relationships, active listening and understanding. This is what creates a real quality relationship that will last.

In concrete terms and in everyday life, what is the support that Bank One provides?

Stephan B. : Bank One provides excellent listening skills, an accurate understanding of my needs and puts at my disposal Johan’s availability and his high degree of responsiveness. When I need advice, he responds with candour which facilitates my decision-making and allows me to move forward in the right direction.

What is the quality that sets Bank One apart on the market?

Johan Bhudoye : With our ‘open architecture’ model, we have positioned ourselves as a bank that gives its clients the freedom to choose amongst the best asset managers. This enables us to provide tailored asset management which takes into account our client’s profile.

Stephan B. : It’s a major advantage, an honest and transparent way of working. By bringing together expertise from different areas, the ‘open architecture’ model gives me more freedom in my decision-making process whilst staying within areas I understand better and that appeal to me. Bank One supports me in this process.

Johan Bhudoye : A good understanding of the profile of a client is key to a tailored service. Once we have achieved this first step, we concentrate our efforts on the long-term preservation of our client’s assets.

Best Private Bank in Mauritius

Bank One recently won this title at the World’s Best Private Banking Awards 2022 by Global Finance. It honours banks that best serve the specialized needs of high-net-worth individuals

Photo by Joel Capillaire (from left to right : Johan Bhudoye, private banker, Stephan B, client at Bank One, and Guillaume Passebecq, head of private banking at Bank One.)