The REP sectors, always more efficient!

On the 13th of June, Solyval a company specialised in the recycling of tires hosted the 9th edition of the assessment of the REP sectors (“Responsabilité élargie du Producteur” – the Producer’s Extended Responsibility)… With awesome results! A total of 48,645 tons of waste has been collected by the 15 partner eco-organisations of the event. The “syndicat de l’importation et du commerce de la Réunion” (SICR Syndicate of Import and Trade of Reunion) and ADEME have hence encouraged these REP sectors to remain ever-increasingly innovative with regards to the recycling of waste, thanks to the Indian Ocean platform.

The Indian Ocean platform

Everything depends on this platform! Its main purpose: to make the sectors of the area even more efficient, especially in Reunion and Mayotte. The aftermath of this collection day in the town of Le Port puts forth how the sectors are progressing. While structure and development are main focuses, the platform is an opportunity for islands of the Indian Ocean to become more efficient. As a result, year 2018 illustrates how the volume of waste collected on Reunion island has raised (for example, an increase of 3% household packaging, cardboard and graphic papers, i.e. 32,325 tons).

Visite de Solyval REP Luxury Indian Ocean
Constantly progressing sectors

Each of the sectors of the REP functions on its own. Today, the division taking care of tyres is most dynamic. In fact, Solyval has just launched a new company – Solyrubb. As from July 2019, it will manufacture recycled rubber-made products, under the brand SOLYGOM. The sectors of end-of-life vehicles, of hazardous household waste, and of household and professional furniture are currently being structured and deployed. Finally, the sectors of maritime safety pyrotechnic products are contemplating the means of elimination to be exploited and its concerned stakeholders

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Valuing commitment

The SCIR goes the extra mile by signing its commitment. As a matter of fact, the syndicate has created a website to inform professionals about their obligations in terms of recycling their REP waste. Retailers can find worthy information to recycle their waste.

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