View the Sun Resorts hotels in virtual reality!

Hotel magazines will be add on the array of available tools to view the beauty of the Sun Resorts settings. We have some good news for both magazine lovers and technology addicts. It is now possible to view the hotels of the Sun group in… virtual reality! The hotel group has proudly presented its latest film campaign: The Timeless Memories. Find out more about this upcoming project with Luxury Mauritius!

Virtual Reality SUN Beach Sun Resorts Timeless Memories Luxury Mauritius 1

You can now virtually project yourself on the Sun Resorts hotel’s beaches with sound effects as well as with a pleasant sense of smel. The Timeless Memories film campaign was launched at the International French Travel Market Top Résa salon in Paris by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.

Timeless Memories is a collection of 7 Passion Points: Sun Beach, SunRise & SunSet, Sun Luxury Moments, Sun Mixology, Sun Kids, Sun Golf and the Sun Memory Lab. The pictures are in a 360° format, inspired by the 7 Passion Points, and it can be viewed thanks to a special audio-visual headset. This headset enables you to view the picturesques decors and selected moments together with experiences where your senses will be awaken : touch, hearing and smell!

The SUN Luxury Moments

The collection enables each and everyone to step into a digital world that can be altogether imaginary, symbolical or a simulation of certain features of the real world. The Sun Luxury Moments, for example, are little unexpected caring moments that bring you happiness. They can take the shape of a soothing sunset or the welcoming gifts awaiting you in your room.

The SUN Luxury Moments

The aim is to make the public discover the joys of staying at one of the hotels of Sun Resorts where you can live a unique and unforgettable experience. You will see what life looks like in these peaceful paradise-like settings. Indeed, it will be easier, thanks to virtual reality, to picture yourself on the beach or in the pool sipping a cocktail under the warm Mauritian sun !

The SUN Beach experience

The shots were taken in all the hotels of Sun Resorts group, both in Mauritius and in the Maldives. For this technological achievement, the hotel group has hired a South African team to devise the film editing and to bring in their latest shooting techniques to film underwater life at 360°. You can now view the beauty of our blue lagoon while remaining on earth! The “Timeless Memories” can be viewed in all the Sun Resort hotels as from the 1st of November.

Luxury Mauritius wishes you a happy virtual and real visit in the hotels of Mauritius!