The Pod: ENL Property’s new office spaces

Vivéa Business Park is now a reference when it comes to professional spaces in Mauritius. And its new 5000m2 office building, The Pod, is a nice add up to the 20000 m2 area of the business centre. ENL Property can be proud of this great project which is already hosting major companies such as BDO Solutions and AON.

At the heart of Moka Smart City, close to two main road networks, stands The Pod. It is a 4-level building with the ground floor and two  floors dedicated to office spaces. The underground parking lot, cafeteria and nursery, found at Vivéa Business Park, bring more attractiveness to The Pod.

An office in the midst of a lush environment 

The centre is situated in one of the most beautiful places of the island with its green environment. Vivéa Business Park being a former sugar facility which still bears its past assets, and it is a fresh and calm place. Its contemporary architecture add up to this nice decor and harmoniously fits it. The building comprises French windows which let light in and bring an agreeable work atmosphere.  

A strategic setting at the heart of the island

Companies renting or buying offices will be part of Moka Smart City and this is a indeed a true catch.  Moreover, Vivéa Business Park is situated near Saint Pierre bus station and Kendra shopping mall. Near Terre Rouge-Verdun road and M1 ,thanks to the Saint Pierre By-Pass, it is strategically set in the centre of the island. 

With all these pros, The Pod is set to be as from now on an ideal place for your company’s development, whether you have a  multinational one or are a startup.