50th Independence Day: artfully exposed portraits at the LUX* Le Morne

Diversity in unity. That is the message LUX* Le Morne wished to convey to celebrate our island’s 50th anniversary. This is the reason why an exposition is currently being held until the end of April.

A beautiful tribute

The stars of the event? They were 25 employees of the hotel, chosen to have their portrait executed by the artists. The goal of LUX* is a noble one: shine a light on the teams which “surpass themselves everyday to reach excellence in the experiences offered to clients”, and which contribute to the hotel group’s creative and innovative spirit, as highlighted by hotel’s General, Director Jérémie de Fombelle.

By Kaviraj portraits luxury mauritius Lux Le Morne By Kaviraj Seewoduth-Poonyth

A beautiful mix

It is the key word which can be attached to the portraits. As much in the depicted faces of diverse origins and ethnicities- which contribute to the beauty and richness of the Mauritian hotel group- as in the variety of explored art forms. Pencil sketches stand next to caricatures and photographs to put forward one thing: Mauritian skill.

By Myriam portraits luxury mauritius Lux Le Morne By Myriam Juglall

Bravo, les Artistes !

They are the talented creators of the exposed artworks. Eric Lee and Khatleen Minerve, both professional photographers exposed their expert clichés. Cartoonist Warren Goribe, and visual artists Kavyraj Seewoduth-Poonyth and Myriam Juglall, for their part, expressed themselves through pencil strokes they master in a unique way.

By Warren portraits luxury mauritius Lux Le Morne By Warren Goriben

An exhibition opening which smells like talent

It happened on the 19th of March. The exhibition opening consecrating artworks set an enchanting scene. It had a magical sunset as a background, and the portraits were hung at the edge of the establishment’s main pool, which wonderfully reflected the beauty of the whole installation. A touch of music, lead by singer Yvette Dantier, set the tone and the mood for artists and hotel clients who attended the event.

It all added up to create an exhibit which shows off these tiny differences making the beauty and strength of our colourful island. A sight to see over and over again.

NIS_4441 portraits luxury mauritius Lux Le Morne The 5 artists