Art of Beautiful by Beachcomber wins the Gold Cristal in Courchevel

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels has touched the sky in Courchevel by winning the Gold Cristal at the Cristal Festival last December with its brand film created by Maison Carrée Productions. The group has thus rightly confirmed its title as a leading figure in the Luxury category.

François Venin, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels, Gilber Espitalier-Noël, CEO of Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels , and Olivier Carreras, founding member and director of Maison Carrée Productions

A Gold Cristal crafted by Maison Carrée Productions

With the Gold Cristal awarded to Art is Beautiful, Beachcomber group comes first before Kenzo Parfums –  for one of its key product, Flower, with the film “Step Into The Light” de BALISTIK#ART -, and “Chanel The Fifth Sense” by the British advertising agency Mindshare. The Beachcomber brand film has overwhelmed the jury by celebrating the exclusive experiences devised by the group.

«It is a precious sign which identifies a high grade production, and this one has been granted by the international jury, in an internationally famous festival», underlines Olivier Carreras, founding member and director of Maison Carrée Productions.

This French audiovisual creation and production studio creates customised solutions for brand, advertising, digital, corporate and documentary contents.


Cristal Festival as a milestone in the world of creativity 

Boldness has been chosen as the main topic of the 2017 edition of the Cristal Festival with a focus on innovation, creatrion and success. Boldness is a source of inspiration and this art os being bold allows us to turn our wildest projects into life. The 17th edition of this internal landmark in  advertising has thus enrolled 2,820 campaigns from more than 44 countries and in 21 categories.

This prestigious award is based on 3 main guidelines: Networking (with cocktails, lunches and diners which encourage business acquaintances and opportunities); Awards and Learning (through conferences). The Festival is therefore an up level event in the creative world. 

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Luxury Mauritius sends its warm congratulations to Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels for this wonderful prize. 

To watch the Brand film Art is Beautiful, click on the following link :