Charity exhibition, “13”: Art for a cause!

Are you fond of art exhibitions by famous artists? Here’s some good news: The Third Dot, the Mauritian artistic curation platform, held on Wednesday 13th of December a charity exhibit-sale, “13” – after a first successful edition two years ago. Luxury Mauritius attended the event at Dock 13 and has brought back some pictures of this beautiful one-night-only exhibition.

Art, a way to care

This project began with the visionary mind of Alicia Maurel, founder of the The Third Dot, who was later joined by Laëtitia Lor. Their aim? Organise a fundraising for the NGO SAFIRE (Service d’Accompagnement, de Formation, d’Insertion et Réhabilitation de l’Enfant) based in St Pierre. The NGO, which takes care of homeless children, is planning to build a home where these youngsters could sleep at night. The collected amount will help to further this project. Number “13” is here symbolical as it relates to the 13th-month bonus, received at a time of the year dedicated to others. Alicia Maurel has explained that this event will bring support to the children and will cater for their well-being, a cause that she has always cherished.

54 ARTISTS, 365 creations

54 artists answered the call and donated some of their creations: paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, collages… 365 creations representing each day of the year with artists like Laetitia Lor, Jacques Desiré Wong So, Stéphane Hart de Keating, Karl Anhee, Armand Gachet, Heynna Rekha, Sharmeen Mandary, Deepa Bauhadoor, Nitish Chendrapaty Appadoo, Karen Pang, Christophe Rey and Gilberte Marimootoo-Natchoo. Through this amazing work carried out by these artists, the exhibition has made art accessible to all art lovers and has brought a professional touch to the market, while helping young artists to come in the limelight.

Karen Pang, one of the artists of “13”, has given us an insight into her vision as a Mauritian artist. She believes that her responsibility is to educate, inspire and contribute to society by supporting this kind of exhibition.

This exhibition is also the chance of a lifetime for the public: everybody is able to enjoy a large range of artistic creations with an affordable price to start or expand a collection…

The works exposed by Karen Pang are a series of amazing shots taken in Mauritius and Shanghai.

The works of Karen Pang for “13” exhibition

Mauritian art still has a long way to go to achieve its fully-deserved recognition… However, we can count on initiatives like “13”, organised by The Third Dot which helps the public to better learn about this kind of art, thus proudly claiming their cultural legacy.