You have surely spotted the sparkling jars which projected their soft lights on the ancient walls of The Citadel. It was throughout the nights of Porlwi by Nature festival from the 29th November to the 4th of December. However, did you know that those 500 solar jars were crafted by children? This beautiful project, named the Consol Solar Jar Project, was sponsored by many local companies, among which Espitalier Noel Limited (ENL). Follow Luxury Mauritius through this brilliant initiative of ENL during the festival.

Photo : Jonathan Ah-Yu

Hector Espitalier-Noël, CEO of the ENL group, has explained this choice of sponsorship:

“We feel concerned about the necessity of developing clean and renewable energy sources in our country”.

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program of ENL has joined this mission of increasing awareness of the festival-goers towards renewable energy. The group wanted to put a smile on the face of 250 children coming from a low socio-economic environment, by organising a cultural outing in the capital city, Port-Louis.

These outings aim at bringing open-mindedness, optimism and inspiration to the children. Mario Radegonde, director of ENL Foundation et Head of CSR, highlights that it is important for these youngsters to be exposed to a different environment than that of their daily life. During this trip in Port-Louis, the children attended many workshops and discovered a lively urban environment, an ideal exploration and learning area.

Part of the experience acquired during this trip was for the children to learn the use of solar energy, a renewable energy for the future, their future. They used this new skill to create solar lamps and carved their name or a message to their loved one on it. The jars were then distributed in the citadel, forming a hundred of small sparkling suns. At night, their parents joined them to admire the artistic creations that bear their signatures. The children returned home in L’Escalier, Bel Ombre, Black River, Pailles, Sainte Catherine and Alma, their head full of dreams, images and ready for a new beginning.

Have you also been amazed by the solar jars with messages written by the children at The Citadel during the festival?