When Hollywood meets the Beautiful Neighbours… off the shooting of Serenity

It has been a few months since international Hollywood celebrities has been staying at the five star hotel Le Trou aux Biches Beachcomber. Why such a long stay? The shooting of an American movie, Serenity, is a first in Mauritius. On 12 august 2017, the celebrities attended the monthly meeting organized by the hotel, Beautiful Neighbours.

Beautiful Neighbours is a monthly social event that gather the children of the community of Trou aux Biches and the children of the kids club of the hotel, for a moment of sharing and friendship (fellowship). To make this event a magical and unforgettable experience for the kids as well as for adults, on the 12th august, the Beautiful Neighbours initiative had the pleasure to welcome the stars of the movie Serenity. Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Djimon Hounsou and Jason Clarke, as well as some members of the production and their children, had kindly accepted to participate in the initiative Beautiful Neighbours.

During the early morning of 12th august, about 15 children from the Mère Theresa town came to meet and befriend the children of the Kids Club. The activities organized by the facilitators of the hotel such as face painting, the balloon carnival, and baby foot for the adults, made the youngsters very happy.

After the lunch prepared by the Trou aux Biches Hotel team, the children were very happy to participate in a long-awaited autograph session and “selfies” with the Hollywood celebrities. The Executive Assistant Manager of the hotel, Fatima Chuttoo, asserted, “The celebrities played along with the game. They signed their colouring books. The children and their parents made sure to capture this moment by posing in photos next to the celebrities.” Meanwhile, the Room Division Manager of the hotel, Queensly Periatamby, underlines that the actors were as much touched by the warm welcome of the Mauritian people, and were pleasantly surprised by the social commitment of the hotel group Beachcomber.

To end this lovely day, the children and the actors offered gifts to their friends and they all, parents and kids, went home almost in tears of joy.

Since its inception, the Beachcomber group have been investing unceasingly in social initiatives, especially through the Fondation Espoir et Développement (FED) which celebrates its 18 years this year. The FED actively contributes through programmes such as the Employabilité Jeunes project, and Micro-entreprises Artisanat project, to integrate and train most disadvantaged citizens of the island.

As regards to the Serenity movie, the coming out is scheduled for 2018. We are currently waiting a few more months to see the pictures of our country in the theatres.