More than 100 Artworks from 14 International Artists for an exposition at Adamah Gallery

A couple of months ago, we introduced Adamah Fine Arts Gallery at Anahita and on 19th and 20th May 2017, the latter hosted two sumptuous events in partnership with MCB Private Banking, BMW and Anahita Estate. It was a golden opportunity to discover the works of 14 world-famous artists. For all art lovers, a visit to one of these two art galleries is a must!


Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius 3 
FRIDAY 19th of May: the dinner cocktail

17h30. We reach Belgath place at Anahita. Serge Patetta (founder and director of Gallery Adamah) and his partners are waiting for us. As we have arrived ahead of time, we seized the opportunity to stroll around the carefully decorated place before it gets crowded.

Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius Serge Patetta,  founder and director of Adamah Gallery and his partners.  From left to right: Eric Leal (Leal Group), Didier Merle (MCB Private Banking), Serge Patetta, and Patrick d’Arifat (Altéo Group).

We carried out our tour with a background classical music: Claudie Ricaud, the director of the Conservatoire de musique François Mitterand was accompanied by some of her students. We furtively discover the majestic artworks in the artistically lit exposition hall.

Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius

Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius

A little bit further, the handpicked dishes proposed by French star chef Marc de Passorio, turned out to be a real delight for both our eyes and taste buds. The display was meticulous and artistic.

 Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius  

When we returned to Belgath place, most of 320 guests were present. We waited for our honorable Prime Minister and his spouse who arrived a couple of minutes later.

Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius 12 The Honorable Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, his spouse Mrs. Kobita Jugnauth, and Mr. Serge Patteta


Serge Patetta made a speech and introduced the event as well as the 14 artists (painters, sculptors and ceramists) working (for most of them) with the greatest art galleries in the world, namely in the United States and in Asia. 3 of the artists participating in the exhibition have travelled to Mauritius and commented on their respective artworks: Marie Marziac, Stéphane Braud and Marina Latta.

Serge Patetta seized the opportunity to thank his partners: MCB Private Banking, BMW and Anahita Estate without whom this great event would not have been possible.

When creating this art gallery, beyond financial ambitions, we aimed at making contemporary art flourish in Mauritius.

It is the first time in Mauritius that a private art gallery hold an event of such a magnitude. This being said, Serge Patetta has great ambitions. In fact, this first event is the starting point of major future events, including a big festival scheduled for 2018 (More information at the end of the post). 

The speech ends with the unveiling of a 350 kg bronze statue of 2 meters high. Mariela Garibay, whom we have introduced a couple of weeks before, has given the name of ‘Toucher le ciel’ (Touching the sky) to her artwork. There exists only two copies in the world: one in Mauritius and one in a Parisian art gallery.

Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius ‘Toucher le ciel’ (Touching the sky) from Mariela Garibay. A 2-meter high bronze statue!

The guests starts to walk around to discover the art works. Art collectors would lead the way to be among the first to reserve their preferred artworks. Eyes started to glow, some to ask questions while some art experts compared these artworks to those of renowned artists. People became engaged, started to interact and observe. Art has given way to emotion and Adamah Fine Art gallery became very lively.

Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius
Adamah Fine Arts Gallery Mauritius

On Saturday 20th of May, 60 guests discovered the exhibition whilst relishing a gourmet dinner proposed by French star chef Marc de Passorio.

Serge Patetta is fully satisfied with his event as a lot of artworks have been sold during this two-day exceptional event. Beyond the sales, contemporary art flourished during this great event.

Discover footage of the exposed artworks at Adamah Fine Arts gallery.

  Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius Adamah Fine Arts Galerie Anahita Luxury Mauritius
Ceramist artist Marina Latta poses with one of her statues.

Following the East coast, a second Adamah Fine Arts will be launched at Constance Le Prince Maurice as from Monday, 1st of June.



Adamah Fine Arts Gallery intend to launch another major event in 2018.


“For the next edition, we intend to host a greater number of international artists as well as Mauritian artists. There are lots of them on the island, with lots of skills. Our aim: introduce more and more artists coming from different regions and backgrounds.” Serge Patetta

The 2017 edition being a great success, Luxury Mauritius’ editorial team is awaiting this event with great excitement.